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What is the treatment of neonatal left kidney hydration?

2017-05-30 14:25

Pediatric hydronephrosis is a congenital disease, if ignored treatment, then it will seriously affect the healthy growth of children, so we must take the way of symptomatic treatment, then how to treat children with hydronephrosis and complications and what Let's take a look at the following article!

Pediatric hydronephrosis, is caused by congenital ureteropelvic obstruction. More common in men, lesions on the left side, about 2/3 of neonatal lesions in the left, while the incidence of bilateral lesions was 10% to 40%. Newborns and infants and more gastrointestinal uncomfortable and abdominal mass to come to the treatment, the larger patients more performance for intermittent waist pain, hematuria, urinary tract infections, occasionally kidney rupture, severe hydronephrosis in children May have high blood pressure and uremia. Drug therapy, you can use antibiotics: such as erythromycin, cephalosporin and so on. Basic use of these drugs is to play a preliminary treatment, are generally better able to improve renal function, but some people use the drug, the effect is not very good, this is a problem. You can also use traditional Chinese medicine treatment, available detoxification of antimicrobial Chinese medicine, such as Bupleurum, Phellodendron, Scutellaria, Plantago and so on. But the effect of traditional Chinese medicine treatment is slow, and help is not necessarily good, but it is a small side effects, can be used for long-term treatment and improvement of renal function is also restored.

Surgical treatment can also be used, but surgical treatment is a prerequisite, not any fit. So we recommend that patients, it is best to do a comprehensive examination, according to the doctor's advice, choose a different treatment, so as to better help patients recover.

Complications: Because children with urinary reflux is a congenital disease, most patients do not have symptoms, there will be no feeling of pain, but wait until the symptoms occur when the kidneys may have been infected; and the age of infection, from A few months to a teenager. But the destruction of the kidney is not infected only to be destroyed, even if there is no phenomenon of infection, the kidneys may still be slowly destroyed. Children's kidneys are not very mature kidneys, every infection will destroy part of the renal function, and these damaged renal function will not be restored; for example, the infection damage 10%, the next destruction of 20 %, Until after growing up may only 50% of the normal function. The treatment of pediatric hydronephrosis and complications for everyone to introduce here, and hope to cause the attention of parents, when the child suffering from hydronephrosis when the time must be timely treatment, experts suggest that it is best to go to regular Sex professional hospitals, relatively speaking, the possibility of healing will be relatively high.

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