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Do you need surgery to treat hydronephrosis?

2017-05-28 11:23

Do you need surgery to treat hydronephrosis?There are many ways to deal with hydronephrosis, people usually in a more conservative case will use drugs for treatment, although the drug can also drain the kidneys in the water, but may not be able to drain, so you can solve the kidney by surgery The phenomenon of water. Because the kidneys are more important organs, so the real treatment must be very careful. Here we go with Xiao Bian to understand it!


Hydronephrosis and urinary tract obstruction, some people suffering from hydronephrosis above the proposed surgery, some patients are afraid because the disease sometimes said that the guard is serious. In fact, said the treatment of hydronephrosis is not a non-surgical treatment can not, some special drugs or therapy may also be cured. In fact, sometimes just take medicine and can not be completely cured, some drugs not only kidney toxicity and can only play a role in remission, and can not completely eliminate the lesion, it is best to use the drug and deep VHP pulse therapy combined with the use of treatment , So the effect of treatment is good and the treatment speed is also fast, so it is recommended that you go to the hospital to check what is the treatment of the problem.


Hydronephrosis is not necessary to do surgery, experts recommend the best choice for patients according to their own case of hydronephrosis treatment program, but if you can surgery is best through surgery to treat, so that will not delay the disease, but also make As soon as possible to restore their health to the state.

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