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How to treat kidney disease in pregnant women with hydronep

2017-03-05 14:05

How to treat kidney disease in pregnant women with hydronephrosis? For the treatment of kidney disease in pregnant women with hydronephrosis, kidney disease experts said: pregnant women with hydronephrosis actually with pregnancy

Closely related. Because the uterus increases during pregnancy, and to the right rotation, resulting in the right ureter compression, which is pregnant women with hydronephrosis and more common

On the right side of the main reasons. Secondly, in the course of pregnancy, the contraction of the smooth muscle of the ureter is reduced, and the ureteral peristalsis is slow


In general, if pregnant women before pregnancy is a healthy kidney, the incidence of hydronephrosis in pregnancy is not serious, renal function is not significantly affected, you can pick

Take a close look at the conservative treatment, after delivery can be improved. If the water is more serious, abnormal renal function, then it may not be single

The problem of pure medication may even require surgery. These problems can be consulted in the hospital when the birth of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology hospital.


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