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Methods of treating hydronephrosis include several

2017-03-05 14:02

Treatment of hydronephrosis is a cause for concern, because the threat of hydronephrosis is relatively large, the disease caused by the trouble is relatively large, want to completely get rid of the disease

To the harm, we need to correctly grasp the treatment of hydronephrosis, and actively help you know the targeted treatment, reduce the risk of disease


Method for treating hydronephrosis:

Treatment goals: first of all, to eliminate the cause, remove obstruction, improve renal function, thereby relieving symptoms, eradication of infection, as far as possible to repair the normal anatomy of the kidney


Estimates of treatment: the patient's age, renal function, site and extent of obstruction, and timing of surgery should be estimated before treatment.

1 estimation of the age of the patient: infants suffering from hydronephrosis should be treated as soon as possible, and young adult hydronephrosis can be properly observed, if there should be timely operation, 50

More than 60 years of age should be considered early surgical treatment to maintain a sound renal function.

2 Estimation of renal function and obstruction: (1) at least 1/5 of normal kidney tissue to maintain the life of the minimum function, such as non essential, as far as possible do not make the kidney

Dirty drainage to prevent infection. (2) for asymptomatic infection of the patients with hydronephrosis, every 6 to 12 months with B Ultrasound, CT and intravenous pyelography review

Observation, if there is no progress can not surgery. (3) obstruction at the junction of the pelvis and ureter may cause a stone, so it is necessary to investigate whether or not to remove the stones

The cause of the formation of stones. If there is a narrow, should be corrected at the same time.

3 bilateral operation time of the water is estimated: in bilateral hydronephrosis without infection, can deal with the poor function of the side, so that the side continued to function in the load

Compensatory hypertrophy. On the side of the plastic surgery kidney under certain stimulation to restore good. For those with infection, it is appropriate to choose a serious side operation,

And should be on the side as soon as possible. If only a better side of the infection, it should be given priority to surgery, in order to maximize the retention of renal function, control of infection, another

Side of the condition in the stable after surgery. In the side of a better function of the kidney hydronephrosis, but still plastic surgery to restore renal function, should be the first

First consider surgery. If the contralateral renal damage and has no function, it must be the operation side of the recovery of renal function, stable condition before deciding whether it was


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