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What is the treatment of hydronephrosis disease?

2017-03-05 14:02

The kidney can be said to be one of the most important organs in the human body, once the kidney is not hurt, then it will bring serious harm to patients, and even

Lead to kidney failure, it will easily lead to death, hydronephrosis is also a very common kidney disease, then, on the treatment of hydronephrosis

What are there?

First, to carry out conservative treatment. For the kidney is light, slow progress, if the kidney function has reached equilibrium and stable state can continue to observe, no

Need surgery, only symptomatic treatment can be. But at this time should be regularly checked to understand the progress of water. A partially self lifting obstruction, such as

Pregnant women can not deal with physiological hydronephrosis.

Second, local treatment. At the same time, it can be used for local treatment of the lesion of the obstruction, such as the separation of adhesions and the cutting of the fiber band,

Transposition of the blood vessels and anastomosis. When the local compression is too long, the ureter has been seriously damaged

Coincide。 For obstruction caused by severe hydronephrosis, the need for drainage.

Third, surgical treatment. If hydronephrosis is progressive, the clinical symptoms are becoming more and more obvious, and the renal function is declining,

There are complications, surgical treatment should be carried out in time. To relieve obstruction caused by hydronephrosis, such as stones should be removed from the stone; remove the fiber band

Or the oppression of the aberrant blood vessels; benign prostatic hyperplasia may be cut or removed. Severe hydronephrosis caused by ipsilateral renal function loss or serious infection empyema, but

The good side of renal function, feasible with nephrectomy.

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