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What are the principles of operation for the treatment of h

2017-03-05 14:01

Hydronephrosis is a common disease, in fact, in the treatment of hydronephrosis above, there are a lot of natural treatment effect is also very obvious, there are special

Home to give us a specific description of the natural treatment of hydronephrosis, as well as how to achieve the best surgical results, then alcohol treatment of kidney water hands

What are the principles of operation?

1, kidney small light water, funnel obstruction caused by stones, such as no clinical symptoms, generally without surgery.

2, severe hydronephrosis caused by ipsilateral renal function loss or serious infection empyema, but the contralateral renal function is good, feasible with nephrectomy.

3, the release of hydronephrosis caused by obstructive diseases: such as stones should be removed; remove the fiber band or the pressure of the blood vessels; prostatic hyperplasia may be cut or removed


4, hydronephrosis caused by the side of the renal function is very poor, the contralateral kidney due to other diseases, poor function, and even uremia, hydronephrosis should be the first renal fistula, renal function

Recovery and further treatment of obstruction.

5, bilateral hydronephrosis, attention to eliminate the causes of lower urinary tract obstruction. Generally good treatment of the first side, after the situation improved, and then deal with serious side. through

One side renal fistula.

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