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How is kidney seeper high cholesterol to eat?

2017-03-05 13:55

How is a high level of creatinine in the kidney and a positive focus on dietary health is helpful for disease prevention and consolidation therapy, as well as high creatinine in renal hydronephrosis,

A correct understanding of how high levels of creatinine in the kidney can help you develop a targeted treatment, because the right treatment can be harmful to the disease

Happen, so how does kidney seeper is high of creatinine how to eat?

Renal function was impaired and creatinine was elevated, which was evident in renal failure. How experts analyze renal failure. Renal failure is a high degree of renal dysfunction

A very obvious test indicators, because of renal dysfunction due to severe pathological damage to the kidney, the destruction of the normal renal units and functions, resulting in kidney

Dirty can not be the body of toxins such as creatinine, urea nitrogen excreted in the presence of serum creatinine, blood urea nitrogen increased symptoms. So looking for regular kidney function

Can not be treated, we should focus on the prevention of renal pathology continue to damage, protect the remaining nephron, repair damaged kidney function.

How to eat high creatinine:

1 renal failure creatinine high dietary requirements

Limit of salt: in general, the renal function of the compensatory phase, patients with hyperlipidemia in patients with high serum creatinine, and began to appear a variety of mild clinical symptoms,

But due to pathological moderate injury have no visible, hypertension and edema, control of salt intake were given low salt or salt free diet.

Protein supply: because the rescheduled patients azotemia, renal insufficiency, in order to control the renal function continued to deteriorate, we should control the protein intake, selection

High quality protein rich diet.

Kidney failure patients with high creatinine should be rich in vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin C food.

If the renal insufficiency is only renal failure creatinine high, but no urine, no swelling patients can not help salt and water, maintain a low salt diet. If there is severe edema to

And high blood pressure and even heart failure should be strictly prohibited salt.

2 limitations on smoking and alcohol consumption in patients with renal failure and creatinine

Alcohol toxicity is mainly to the kidney, blood poisoning, smoking and drinking more and more big on renal vascular injury, earlier aggravate renal arteriosclerosis,

Promote glomerular sclerosis, so whether it is normal renal function or abnormal renal function in patients with high creatinine should be strictly quit smoking and alcohol, to avoid causing more kidney

Great damage.

How to eat a high level of creatinine in the kidney, the incidence of renal creatinine is relatively high, in order to effectively reduce the unnecessary harm caused by the disease, we need to consult the relevant

Expert advice, experts will give you to develop their own treatment, as well as the recovery program, in accordance with the program, to be able to achieve a better recovery


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