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How to strengthen the diet of patients with hydronephrosis?

2017-03-05 13:48

What is hydronephrosis, the main cause of the disease is obstruction, such as suffering from kidney stones, with the increase of stones, easily lead to the occurrence of hydronephrosis. So,

For patients with kidney stones hydronephrosis, we should pay attention to the positive treatment at the same time, the right diet can help to restore the disease at an early date. Here we are

Take a look, the nursing measures of this disease have?

Diet, 1 renal calculi patients with hydronephrosis, suitable for consumption, such as specific radish, melon, watermelon, gourd, and broccoli, Yang Xiang

Melon, pumpkin and so on.

In addition, 2 patients can eat lotus root, cogongrass rhizome, peanuts, eggplant, bean sprouts, corn and so on, the hydronephrosis rehabilitation is good. Reduce salt

The intake, while patients should eat a variety of high salt foods, limiting the amount of vitamin C.

3, kidney stones in patients with kidney disease diet can increase energy intake, but in order to avoid increasing the burden on patients with kidney, attention should not be too much to eat

Protein rich food, energy intake depends mainly on carbohydrates.

4, spicy food and fishy volatiles, food taboos, these things such as kidney stones in patients with hydronephrosis: seafood, goose meat, fish, cock, PigHead

Yellow croaker, etc., eat fried food, quit smoking.

5, most patients need to drink plenty of water, to help the disease, but if it is unilateral hydronephrosis, do not limit the amount of water, if bilateral hydronephrosis,

Renal dysfunction phenomenon, to limit the amount of water daily.

On the nursing of hydronephrosis, Xiaobian for you to introduce here, in fact, there are a lot of kidney stone kidney problems of eating, the specific circumstances of the patients found

When you have a kidney disease, you go to the hospital, the diagnosis of specific circumstances, and then formulate treatment for the disease care guidelines to help patients as soon as possible



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