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Hydronephrosis patients who can not eat?

2017-03-05 13:48

As the saying goes, hunger breeds discontentment, a seemingly simple diet, it is learned. In particular, some reasonable diet, the rehabilitation of the disease is very

Beneficial. The wrong diet, may aggravate the condition, so for patients with hydronephrosis, daily attention to a reasonable diet is very important, we

Just take a look.

Renal patients with diet taboos are: eat or not eat salt, control of high protein food intake, do not eat fried foods, etc.. Concrete such as salt,

Eggs, potatoes, soybeans and other food patients should pay attention to eat less or do not eat, can be appropriate to eat white radish and honey, etc., is conducive to dredge waterways food.

Many people like fast food, such as hamburgers, etc., but patients with hydronephrosis should be careful not to eat fried, and pickled food, cola, hamburgers

, milk, sugar, nuts, beans, meat, do not eat these.

Patients with hydronephrosis diet attention to some of the diseases of the diet, such as drink plenty of water (this must be done, the premise is not edema, edema)

The amount of urine, 80%) Steamed Rice eat whole grains. However, vegetables should be based on vegetables, meals, vegetables, other vegetables as a supplement.

A large number of patients with drinking water, which will increase the amount of urine to flush the urinary tract, promote the downward movement of stones, dilute urine to reduce crystal precipitation. In addition, the patient can eat meat

Have meat, pig, pig, pig, pig, chicken, duck, pork stomach tongue or hen chicken, eggs, quail, dove, etc..

Diet should also pay attention, you can increase the intake, but to control, this is to avoid increasing the burden of kidney water. Daily energy intake

Carbohydrates and fats. Such as unilateral hydronephrosis, do not limit the amount of drinking water, if bilateral hydronephrosis, renal dysfunction, to limit

Daily water intake.


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