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What are the natural therapies for treating hydronephrosis?

2017-03-05 13:44

Natural therapy: a symptom of a common diet that relieves hydronephrosis. In the case of hydronephrosis, many patients wish to go through natural therapies. Below I

We will introduce natural therapy, three cases of hydronephrosis.

The first: raw walnut. Cold inducible febride walnut as long service light Qi, prolong the life of the high-grade. In fact, can prevent the walnut, every day

Eat four or five of the original walnut, can effectively relieve symptoms.

Second: tea shame. Oliguria, frequent micturition, urethral burning can produce more tea drinks, such as: 50 grams of corn, corn cobs, soup of tea

Formation of leaf slag. Daily 1 agent, early, medium and late drink three times. It can urinate, remove damp heat, reduce urinary stones.

Third: eat black fungus. Contains a variety of minerals, black fungus can produce a strong chemical reaction, all kinds of stone, stone, differentiation, erosion, peeling knot

Stone reduction, discharge. Black fungus contains a vegetable base with the promotion of digestive tract, urinary tract characteristics, a variety of glands, vegetable base catalytic stones, this can be

Secretion of intestinal lubrication.

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