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What are the symptoms of hydronephrosis caused by renal fai

2017-03-04 11:49

Treatment of hydronephrosis, first of all to check the existence of hydronephrosis, and then analyze the causes of hydronephrosis, in order to take targeted symptomatic treatment. Usually after the elimination of the cause, hydronephrosis will also be eased or eased.

It is easy to cause kidney disease patients the incidence of hydronephrosis, when this occurs after injury to the patients more so for patients should be treated with caution, in particular, that these symptoms occur in patients, to early detection and early treatment. For patients with renal failure, hydronephrosis, general Changbiaoxianwei waist or abdominal pain, this is mainly because the kidneys are stem and characterized by severe cramps and pain. For example, urinary stones caused by hydronephrosis often have more severe renal colic. The tumor of the urinary system caused by hydronephrosis is often appeared in the pain, sometimes without any symptoms. When the patients with renal failure appear dysuria, such as hypertrophy of the prostate is often manifested as dysuria, which is mainly due to the presence of urinary tract obstruction, recurrent urinary tract infection. Many patients because of repeated urinary tract infection treatment, further examination revealed the presence of hydronephrosis, is one of the symptoms of hydronephrosis.

In addition, there are some patients, there is no obvious symptoms, and in the examination of hydronephrosis found. This is mainly due to urinary tract obstruction will eventually cause hydronephrosis, but not obvious clinical symptoms or signs, and the occurrence of hydronephrosis causes associated with the formation speed, main reason is often not the treatment of patients. There are some patients who can sometimes have no clinical manifestations, only in the physical examination for B time to find; sometimes with the original clinical symptoms or signs as the main cause of treatment.


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