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What are the symptoms of early hydronephrosis

2017-03-04 11:46

The patients with hydronephrosis in a variety of clinical manifestations, clinical diagnosis should be especially noted that sometimes the disease early or recessive chronic obstruction may be asymptomatic, the main clinical manifestations of the disease, according to the user the obstruction site of obstruction, the nature of primary disease and no secondary infection. It is necessary to consider the possibility of urinary tract obstruction in the treatment of intractable intractable urinary tract infection.

Most of the patients with hydronephrosis usually accompanied by fever, back pain and other symptoms, age more than 18 years of age under the age of 45, patients with signs of prostate and seminal vesicle tuberculosis had no obvious symptoms, and rectal perineal Ougan discomfort. Severe tuberculosis of seminal vesicle and prostate tended to reduce semen pus, blood, semen, long marriage infertility. General for tuberculosis of epididymis scleroma, painless, slow growth, the formation of cold abscess lesion enlargement, and scrotal skin diabrosis sinus adhesions, prolonged unhealed, thin yellow pus outflow. Bilateral epididymal tuberculosis accounted for about half.

Clinically, the disease can occur in patients with hematuria, oliguria or anuria, secondary infection causes the body temperature to rise, waist persistent dull pain or bulge discomfort, some patients will appear in the waist and abdomen mass, which began at the costal margin, gradually extended to the side of the abdomen and waist, were over for the smooth surface of the midline cystic mass, the edge of the rules, wave motion, tenderness is not obvious. A part of patients with primary hydronephrosis may also occur in the presence of oliguria and polyuria. If the patient has abdominal pain, abdominal distension, nausea, vomiting, and in patients with a large number of symptoms after drinking water, can be considered the possibility of hydronephrosis, should be further examination.

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