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Renal damage to human body

2017-03-04 11:43

Renal damage to human body. Kidney disease has always been a disease that makes people feel more panic, and hydronephrosis is a common type of kidney disease

Phenomenon, hydronephrosis may be directly related to the onset, but also may be caused by other diseases, of course, for the human body injury is more worthy of attention,

So in the end hydronephrosis in the end will cause harm to patients?

Here to give you to explain the damage to the human body.

One of the damage caused by hydronephrosis. Renal atrophy is the primary cause of hydronephrosis. Because of urinary obstruction caused by urinary obstruction, renal pelvis

In addition, the renal pressure is increased, and the blood pressure of the renal tissue is damaged. A large bag without severe renal function

. Mild hydronephrosis, when the removal of obstruction, the shape of the renal pelvis can be restored, and severe hydronephrosis, atrophy of the kidney tissue is difficult to correct.

Renal damage of two: cause kidney stones. Obstruction of the urethra calculi complicated with hydronephrosis; hydronephrosis and induced calculi, both reciprocal causation of infection.

The center of a colony of bacteria, pus, and necrotic tissue. In particular, the infection of the urinary salt crystals piled up into stone. If there is any question

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Three of the damage caused by hydronephrosis: cause huge hydronephrosis. Due to renal parenchymal kidney is very thin and the tension is too large, easy cause of traumatic or spontaneous rupture of tension rupture

Acute peritonitis, a serious threat to life safety.

Renal damage of four: urinary tract infection. As the saying goes, water does not rot. Due to stagnation of urine in the kidney, ureter, conducive to bacterial growth and reproduction, concurrent

Inflammation of the ureter, cystitis or pyelonephritis, renal inflammation etc..


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