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Symptoms and treatment of hydronephrosis in children

2017-03-04 11:42

Symptoms and treatment of hydronephrosis in children. What will happen to the occurrence of hydronephrosis? Hydronephrosis occurs in general will lead to pain in patients,

Hematuria, edema of the unique symptoms, once you feel that there is a similar situation on your body, it is necessary to attract attention. Especially children, will also be hydronephrosis

Water prone groups, parents and friends will pay attention to the timely.

Symptoms of hydronephrosis: pain

Waist pain is the most important symptom of patients with hydronephrosis. The symptoms are not obvious in the chronic obstruction, only show the pain of the waist. Most acute stems

It can be seen with obvious low back pain or typical renal colic. Inpidual patients with acute bilateral obstruction or complete obstruction, but do not feel pain.

Two symptoms of hydronephrosis: kidney enlargement and abdominal mass

Chronic hydronephrosis due to obstruction can cause kidney enlargement or abdominal mass, patients do not necessarily have other symptoms, long-term obstruction in the abdomen can be palpable

Cystic masses.

Symptoms of hydronephrosis three: hematuria

Upper urinary tract obstruction caused by hematuria is not common, but if the cause of obstruction is a stone or tumor, there will also be hematuria in renal colic

. In some of the cases of obstruction, manifested as intermittent obstruction, when there is an increase in the amount of urine after the onset of hematuria, and can produce hematuria. In the case of secondary infection may also accompany

Hematuria or pyuria.

Four symptoms of hydronephrosis: edema

Patients with hydronephrosis due to the concentration of urine in the kidney can not be discharged, the patient will usually face swelling, especially the eyelid edema is more obvious.

To sum up, it is the introduction of the common symptoms of patients with hydronephrosis, I believe that through the introduction of the relevant knowledge of renal hydronephrosis to understand it

. If you have any questions, can consult online assured Garden Network online experts, let the experts for you detailed answer.

(three) treatment:

1, local treatment: for the lesions of the obstruction site can be used to solve local treatment, such as adhesion separation, fiber band cut off, vascular anastomosis

Stone removal. When the local compression is too long, which has caused serious damage to the local development of the ureter, the ureter should be resected and anastomosed.

2, for obstruction has caused severe hydronephrosis, the need for drainage.

3, plastic surgery: must master the key points of plastic surgery: make the pelvis and ureter anastomosis at the lowest point of the pelvis. Ureteropelvic junction

Funnel shaped. Repair should be removed around the fiber, adhesion, scar tissue, but do not damage blood supply. The resection of the pelvic wall excess, maintain a certain

Tension of renal pelvis. Such as hydronephrosis is too large, it can be thinner renal cortex at the varus folded after fixation, in order to reduce the volume of the kidney. In order to reduce anastomotic leakage of urine.

Double pigtail catheter. In order to avoid the leakage of urine and hemolytic stagnation formed around the anastomosis scar fibrosis, can be placed under pressure in the anastomosis was drawn

Tube drainage. A lot of the plastic surgery, but the etiology and pathology angle think to resection and anastomosis for better disease.


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