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How to prevent the complications of polycystic kidney diseas

2017-10-02 16:17

Everyone wants to be healthy, but many diseases can seriously affect people's health, polycystic kidney is a high incidence of the disease, in patients suffering from polycystic kidney, may cause some complications, resulting in greater harm. So, how to prevent the complications of polycystic kidney disease?
1. prevent colds
The heart suffers from polycystic kidney disease patients with kidney disease is very painful, because other kidney disease is not the same, polycystic kidney disease is a genetic disease of life, takes a lifetime with even more attention, the family caring more, still can not stop the continued enlargement of the objective reality of the cyst. At this time, the prevention of complication of polycystic kidney to prevent colds, such as colds, especially repeated colds will cause kidney damage in polycystic kidney patients increased, the deterioration effect will also accelerate the progress of one disaster after another, renal injury.
2. keep a good diet
A reasonable diet for patients with polycystic kidney disease is important for controlling the progression of kidney failure. The prevention of complication of polycystic kidney by low salt diet every day 2~3 grams of salt should be less potassium, phosphorus, diet, low protein, low fat diet, eat foods rich in vitamins and plant crude fiber food, maintain defecate unobstructed.
3. prevention trauma
The constant enlargement of the cyst of the polycystic kidney will result in an increase in the intracapsular pressure of the cyst, which forces the patient's double kidneys to increase and the intra-abdominal pressure to increase. So when any slight injuries, such as sprains, bruises and other injuries, will increase the internal pressure or external trauma dirty abdominal cyst enlargement directly on the impact of high pressure has prompted the hemorrhage, cyst rupture, easily induced infection.
4. control blood pressure
Most of the polycystic kidney patients before renal impairment will be hypertension, we call it the polycystic kidney disease: hypertension will have accelerated damage of renal function, hypertension and also on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular injury, will rupture and bleeding of serious complications such as stroke of polycystic kidney associated with cerebral aneurysms, so control the blood pressure to delay the deterioration of renal function, prevention of complications is essential in polycystic kidney disease.
The detailed description of how to prevent the occurrence of complications of polycystic kidney and polycystic kidney disease is a common kidney disease, and kidney on human health importance, therefore, the patient must as soon as possible to the regular hospital treatment, and pay attention to the prevention of complications, if you have a kidney disease knowledge requires a detailed understanding. You can consult our online expert, our experts will give you a reply as soon as possible.

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