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Pathogenesis of acute renal insufficiency

2017-05-07 18:27

Human infection will make the immune system a lot of reaction, these reactions sometimes will cause dysfunction of internal environment, disease can happen. So, when someone is bacteria, when the virus infection, but also may lead to disease or acute renal failure disease. In clinical study. Easy to cause the virus infection of the disease include viral pneumonia, hepatitis or encephalitis

Mainly refers to the shock caused by various internal and external causes in life, are likely to cause patients with acute renal failure. It is also the disease causes a very important cause. People usually cause shock, major bleeding, patients with heart failure or derived circulation inside the body water electrolyte imbalance

That is, a person because of the blood transfusion, the blood type of blood or a large number of imported old blood, is also likely to develop the disease

This is the cause of the cause of acute renal insufficiency, causes a more complex. It simply means that patients suffered from crush injury is serious, and the complicated development of clinical disease, eventually leading to renal failure. The cause of disease in clinical studies, is also common is very important.


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