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Etiology of diabetic nephropathy

2017-05-07 16:08
The pathogenesis of diabetic nephropathy is of concern, mainly because of the treatment effect for fear of diabetic nephropathy and diabetic nephropathy at present, no sick people do not want to happen to you, sick people are wondering how to better treatment. Next, we briefly introduce the causes of diabetic nephropathy, and I hope to have some help for patients with friends.
1, genetic factors
The study found that patients with diabetic nephropathy based capillary membrane were significantly lower in patients with normal blood sugar thickening, children with mild thickening of basement membrane, suggesting that genetic factors associated with occurrence of microvascular disease, therefore, metabolic disorder is still the main cause of the disease, is currently considered the factors associated with the onset of the disease is as follows.
2, endocrine disorders
Growth hormone increased, type two diabetic nephropathy patients were significantly higher than that of young patients were also more significant. There is a close relationship between the increase of secretion and diabetic nephropathy. Growth hormone can promote protein synthesis, promote synthesis and thickening of basement membrane proteins, one mouse pituitary resection after injection of streptozotocin caused by diabetic nephropathy, giving small doses of growth hormone, the glomerular basement membrane in diabetic nephropathy rats increased significantly, indicating that growth hormone effects in diabetic nephropathy.
3, metabolic disorders
Clinical and experimental study proved that metabolic disorder is the main reason caused by hyperglycemia in diabetic nephropathy, due to insulin deficiency leads to persistent hyperglycemia, into endothelial cells and galactose knot synthesis of disaccharide units increased, while patients with kidney of diabetic renal glucose transfer activity increased, prompting glycoprotein synthesis increases, a large number of sedimentary basement membrane high blood glucose, the glomerular basement membrane of glycosylated hemoglobin increased, the permeability increasing effect of the connecting peptide. As a result of the basement membrane hypertrophy, hyperplasia and exudation, cause microvascular disease.
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