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5 kinds of food to reduce the risk of chronic kidney disease

2017-02-20 13:46

Chronic kidney disease is a major threat to health, in addition to drug treatment, by adjusting the diet also help reduce the risk of kidney disease. Xiaobian today for everyone to sum up the scientific proof of the useful kidney food.

5 kinds of food to reduce the risk of chronic kidney disease! (1)

Eat these healthy foods in life, the prevention of chronic kidney disease have a certain effect, so that everyone in the absorption of nutrition at the same time to prevent the trouble caused by the disease, the body can be more healthy!

 5 kinds of food to reduce the risk of chronic kidney disease! (2)


Fresh garlic has a strong anti-inflammatory properties, but also lower cholesterol, is one of the best choice for kidney diet. Garlic or strong antioxidants. Studies have confirmed that regular consumption also helps cancer.


Broccoli, cauliflower and other cruciferous vegetables rich in dietary fiber, vitamin C and vitamin K and other beneficial renal function of nutrients. And, this kind of vegetables with relatively low potassium content, help protect the kidneys. Among them, kale cabbage iron content of the highest, but also rich in β-carotene and calcium, the best role of kidney care.

Egg white

Egg white is rich in vitamins and trace elements necessary for the body, which helps to improve the overall health level. Egg white contains a lot of protein, low potassium and low phosphorus and more iron, help the kidney to maintain the best condition.

olive oil

The study found that in the olive oil to replace butter and other edible oil in the region, heart disease, cancer and kidney disease and other morbidity were significantly lower. Olive oil is rich in antioxidants, help against free radicals on the human body damage, reduce arterial inflammation.


Apple contains a large number of compounds that are resistant to inflammation, and the potassium content is relatively low, is the perfect snack to protect the kidneys.

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