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Is child nephrotic syndrome serious?

2017-02-20 13:42

Most of the kidney disease will occur in adults and young people, because many children are now eating more and more attention, often eat some snacks and the like, often because of these foods, and the child is more likely to get sick The higher the majority of kidney disease and infection are generally induced by a great relationship, the recurrence rate is also very high, for children with nephrotic syndrome serious, weekdays, how should we continue to pay attention to the children!

Is pediatric nephrotic syndrome serious?

Kidney disease greatly affect the growth and development of children, not easy to treat, and more repeatedly, children with nephrotic resistance is low, prone to infection, leaving the disease worse, should actively prevent infection.

The cost of treatment is based on the patient and the hospital. There is no cure for the way to try to avoid relapse.

First, children with nephrotic syndrome should not be tired, parents should always pay attention.

Second, children with nephrotic syndrome, small patients should not eat more salt food.

Diet should pay attention to less salt, but the salt and salt will affect appetite, it is appropriate to use low-salt diet. Bread and soda biscuits also contain sodium, it is best not to give children to eat. Can let the children eat some fresh vegetables and fruits to supplement the body of vitamins.

Third, children should not wear clothes for a long time to wear. Infection is often the cause of kidney disease relapse.

Fourth, children should not go to public places. Keep the indoor air fresh. Pay attention to change according to climate change clothes, prevent colds.

Fifth, the treatment of kidney disease in your insistence, parents should urge the child on time according to the amount of medication, so as to avoid repeated illness.

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