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How to do recurrent children with nephrotic syndrome?

2017-02-20 13:39

Nephrotic syndrome occurs in the young people, in fact, not only young people will appear such a disease, the same will appear a lot of children who, with the current diet more and more messy, eating something on the body will cause some disease , For example, how to do recurrent children with nephrotic syndrome, the recurrence rate of this disease is relatively high, so often cause harm to the human body, then the general case of how to treat it!

How to do recurrent children with nephrotic syndrome?

Children with nephrotic syndrome, three high and low that is highly puffy, the amount of proteinuria, hypercholesterolemia hypoalbuminemia rapid development of the disease is now systemic floating pleural effusion, ascites skin injury will be a little damage to the number of children with nephrotic syndrome pathology Lesions of nephropathy hormone sensitive hormone application is faster around the urine protein swelling and swelling subsided.

; Slow urine protein turn to the body is easy to reduce the amount of hormone recurrent child nephrotic syndrome is easy to relapse it? Hormone and immunosuppressive agents.

Hormones and immunosuppressive agents mainly inhibit the body immune to control the urinary protein to urinary protein short transfer within the negative control of the immune function of the body to reduce the immune system can easily lead to recurrence of kidney disease in addition to adequate application of hormone control of urine protein with the amount of hormone Reduced control of urinary protein - induced effects of hormone - dependent nephropathy in recurrent hormone - dependent.

Due to hormones and immunosuppressive agents can adjust the immune function of the body did not damage the renal repair disease to relieve nephrotic syndrome recurrence of the second child easy to dye, take the cause of recurrent recurrence of nephrotic syndrome.

Nephrotic patients as their own resistance to drop easily dyed, children in the body of the body has not yet developed easily susceptible to disease-induced children with kidney disease outside the surface of the virus more easily lead to take.

Infection treatment of nephrotic syndrome can cause kidney disease syndrome recurrence? Answer: treatment leading to nephrotic syndrome - repair damaged kidney cells to adjust the immune function in order to make kidney disease recurrence.

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