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Pay more attention to diet in order to prevent nephrotic syn

2017-02-11 16:39

Eat more vegetables to nursing and prevention nephrotic syndrome. Pay more attention to diet in order to prevent nephrotic syndrome


Vegetables are essential food in patients with nephrotic syndrome, once the human kidneys get sick, will cause great harm to human health, this is the best vegetable supplies, then the nephrotic syndrome need to add vegetables, below for all the detail.

What vegetables can do in patients with food?

Wax gourd

With activating kidney function. In the summer, sweating too much, will be the body of nutrients out together, so the physical exertion is very interesting, easy to make people tired. However, if the body of water through the kidneys, and then discharged from the urine, it will not be required for the body of nutrients excreted. This is why summer must eat melon reason. Melon has diuretic and active kidney function, Jiashi cooked into soup to drink the best, can add shellfish or meat, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, lean meat, chicken, beef tongue. Cold and low blood pressure, drink a soup of not more than 1 liters, but within a day of fractional drinking.


Rich in carbohydrates, carotene and vitamin B group, vitamin C, vitamin E and calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, iodine and other minerals, eat lettuce can improve blood tension, promote diuresis. Lettuce contains potassium, but also conducive to the balance of water and electrolytes, conducive to urination, the nephritis patients should eat.


Flat, sweet, for the top grade vegetables, has good effect of Tonifying the spleen and kidney. Anyone suffering from chronic nephritis should eat regularly. Nephritis long, more performance for the spleen and kidney qi deficiency. Yam tonifying the spleen and kidney, it is appropriate to eat more food, quite beneficial.

Green asparagus

Cool, sweet taste, there is the effect of reinforcing. According to experts, asparagus treatment of kidney stones, so, modern scholars pointed out that people suffering from urinary tract stones should eat asparagus.


Also called tremella, flat, sweet and light, known as medicinal vegetables, is a kind of tonic supplements, can nourish the kidney and stomach, Run Fei. According to the study, tremella polysaccharide contained in white fungus can improve kidney function. Therefore, for chronic nephritis, physical weakness, the white fungus plays a strong role in righting, often edible, especially suitable for.


Cool, calm the liver dampness, the body can eliminate edema, because eating celery can promote diuresis, excessive water excretion in human tissue, eliminate the swelling effect. Therefore, patients with edema should eat.

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