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Characteristics and treatment of nephrotic syndrome in child

2017-02-08 10:12

Parents are familiar with nephritis, kidney disease is relatively unfamiliar. Kidney disease is more common in children aged 2~4 years, and nephritis is more common in children over the age of 6. The main change of these two kinds of disease in kidney, but the change is not the same, so sick after the performance is not the same: acute nephritis acute onset, mild hypertension and edema, hematuria; nephrotic general blood pressure is not increased, the urine will not see red blood cells, kidney development is slow, is swollen obviously. Of course, to distinguish between these two kinds of disease, but also by some tests and inspection.

Simple nephrotic syndrome has four main features: high degree of edema, proteinuria, hypoalbuminemia and hyperlipidemia. A high degree of edema indicates that the degree of edema. The severity of edema is related to the length of time. In the early onset of edema is only mild, because there is no other manifestation of acute onset, so often do not cause parents to pay attention to. Only when edema is obvious. Some are in a cold, edema was aggravated, systemic edema, swollen eyelids can not open, only one seam; abdominal distention, abdominal seeper; swollen scrotum boy balloons, shiny; lower limb swelling, appear on time with your fingers can have water pit; pleural cavity. Edema is more obvious, less urine. Simple nephrotic syndrome, urine appearance is clear, can not see what is not normal, through the microscopic examination, there are no white or red cells. But by other means, urine contains a lot of protein. Proteinuria is one of the characteristics of kidney disease. The so-called hypoproteinemia, blood protein content is reduced. Because every day a large number of proteins excreted from the urine, the protein content of the blood, of course, to reduce. There is also a high cholesterol, that is, the increase in blood cholesterol, the reason is not very clear.

The emergence of these four characteristics, there is an inherent link, which plays a leading role in proteinuria. Due to the large number of proteins from urine loss, so hypoproteinemia; because blood protein decreased, the osmotic pressure changes, resulting in swelling; as the protein decreased, resulting in increased cholesterol, therefore, is the key protein in the urine. Once the excretion of urine protein, edema will be reduced, urine protein negative, edema that subsided.

Simple kidney disease can be cured. Such as the use of diuretics increased urine volume, edema can also be reduced, but this is not a radical solution. Western medicine with adrenal cortical hormone treatment, the total amount of the beginning of a little larger, gradually reduced after the disease control, but also with a small dose of continuous treatment for about 1 years.

After treatment with hormone, some cases are easy to recur. In the following situations: recurrence of the disease has not completely control and reduce the amount of hormone or premature discontinuation of corticosteroids, and some people off, use stop, not according to the provisions of the plan. Specifically, this situation can not be said to relapse, it should be said that the treatment is not complete. The true recurrence is in accordance with the provisions of the treatment, the disappearance of urinary protein, edema subsided, plasma protein and cholesterol are normal, generally good after withdrawal. But after the withdrawal of six months to a year, edema and slowly appear, if not treated, the original four features can be re emerged. The cause of recurrence is not clear, most cases in the recurrence, and then hormone is still effective. In order to prevent recurrence, in particular, has been a recurrence of the case, should be added with a kind of called cyclophosphamide drug, can reduce recurrence. In the treatment of kidney disease, it must be stressed that must be under the guidance of a doctor's medication, do not arbitrarily reduce, not to premature withdrawal. Otherwise, it will bring difficulties to the treatment and the treatment effect.

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