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Nephrotic syndrome why there is protein urine?

2017-01-15 16:28

Xiao Lin is 3 years old this year, before very lively is the most naughty kindergarten. Xiao Lin answer questions in class and play with friends after class, students and teachers like him, but also through the election as a small monitor, always surrounded by a lot of small partners. But there are a few days, Xiao Lin has become do not love to move and play. Xiao Lin's mother is very worried, to take a temperature for him, even a high fever 39. The same day, Lin mother took his son to the emergency, lost fluid also took a bunch of medicine.

Did not expect, a few days later burned out, Xiao Lin's face and legs but there is a symptom of edema. This can be very anxious linma...... local hospital inspection results show that there are a lot of protein in the urine leakage, accompanied by fever, edema, symptoms, diagnosis of nephrotic syndrome. The local hospital using prednisone acetate to control the leakage of protein, At the beginning of the elimination of the symptoms of edema, but once again relapse, and the local doctor's advice is to continue taking hormones.

The strong side effects of hormone Lin mother is full of concern about the child's future at the end of September, Lin tried Chinese medicine treatment referral. At the time of admission, Kobayashi 3+ urine protein, blood 1+, urine volume is only about 500ml have a fever accompanied by severe edema, the situation is very bad.

With the development of treatment, Lin's various indicators are improving. After ten days of protein 2+, urine occult blood clearance, normal, weight loss, edema, burns also left early. Xiao Lin's mother's face finally revealed a smile. But see the test list and urine protein 2+, Lin mother specially asked that when the doctor rounds: Why does kidney syndrome have protein urine? My son can turn urine protein?

In fact, the onset of proteinuria is mainly due to renal cell damage, increased glomerular filtration pore or fracture, the protein from escaping.

For the treatment of kidney disease, western medicine is the first choice of hormones, but only temporary control of hormone protein leakage, and not up to repair the damaged kidneys from nature, but encountered a cold, infection or improper reduction is easily repeated, and the side effects seriously such as the full moon face, hairy, diabetes and so on.

And our hospital to take a sound system of traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment program, according to the causes of proteinuria, pathogenesis, pathology and clinical manifestations of patients, fundamentally the treatment of urinary proteins. Symptomatic control of Western medicine at the same time, coupled with traditional Chinese medicine from the kidney to start, to repair the damaged kidneys, so that the natural protein disappeared, the disease reached the clinical cure, prevent repeated, prevent the disease progress.

Kobayashi treatment is only ten days, it is still in the stage of a lot of clearing immune complexes, and you can see it from the urine of now. so Kobayashi can not only negative, after the probability of recurrence will also be small.

After his condition improved, and the restoration of the past mischievous and playful nature, just woke up and told the nurse to toys. Innocent and lovely face, but who could have thought that he could not walk a few days ago?


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