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Nephrotic syndrome daily care

2017-01-14 09:13

Daily nursing of nephrotic syndrome should pay attention to what, this is the majority of the patients with nephrotic syndrome and friends are very concerned about, not only treated actively, also need the family friends to do a good job of nursing work of patients, because nephrotic syndrome is caused by a variety of causes, so for daily the nursing work has many requirements, the following please Professor Wang from tongshantang hospital kidney disease treatment center, gave us the daily nursing on nephrotic syndrome should pay attention to what, hope that can help you.

1. rest: severe edema and hypertension need to rest in bed, generally do not need to strictly limit activities, according to the conditions appropriate arrangements activities, so that patients can with mental pleasure

2. skin care: keep the skin clean, dry, avoid abrasions and compression, turn over time. Bedding should be soft. The buttocks and limbs can be padded with rubber air cushion or cotton ring. Edema of the scrotum with a cotton pad or sling up, skin rupture should be covered with a sterile dressing to prevent infection.

3. diet: nephrotic syndrome daily care need ensure heat, obvious edema or high blood pressure period should  limit salt short-term.

4. to observe the changes and note amount of edema of 24 hours, abdominal circumference and body weight were recorded daily and weekly urine routine 2 ~ 3 times

5. severe edema should avoid intramuscular injection of drugs due to severe edema often caused by drug retention, or malabsorption after injection pinhole extravasation leading to local moisture, erosion or infection.

6. prevention infected, nephropathy patients and infectious disease patients admitted to the department. To avoid have a cold, do not go to crowded places.


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