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Nephrotic syndrome

2017-01-07 16:08

1 what is nephrotic syndrome(NS)?

The kidney is the excretory organ of the human body, which filters out harmful substances in the blood. If the renal filtration barrier is destroyed, the selective filtration of substances in the blood is reduced, resulting in the removal of beneficial proteins from the urine, accor proteinuria and hypoproteinemia. As a result of hypoproteinemia caused by intravascular colloid osmotic pressure decreased, water overflow from the blood vessels, resulting in edema. At the same time, due to low blood pressure, liver compensatory synthesis of protein and lipid substances will cause elevated blood lipids.

2 Is nephrotic syndrome serious?

Nephrotic syndrome is a clinical manifestation, according to pathological changes in the kidney can be pided into many types, such as small lesions, membranous nephropathy, focal segmental glomerular sclerosis and so on. NS caused by different etiology, its severity is not consistent. For example, minimal change disease generally sensitive to hormones, long-term remission after treatment; and focal segmental glomerular sclerosis patients, possible is bad therapeutic response to hormones, proteinuria does not alleviate, need long-term use of hormone. Therefore, if there is no contraindication, generally recommended for renal biopsy, diagnosis.


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