• Does renal cyst need treatment?

    2018-01-08 17:20:37

    Renal cysts are the most common structural abnormalities in adult kidneys. They are cystic benign masses that grow in the kidney. They are generally spherical and can be one or more. They can grow only on one side of the kidney, Can also have both kidneys...


  • Nephrotic syndrome edema three reasons

    2017-12-29 17:15:13

    Early nephrotic syndrome may be early morning eyelid edema, or only appear lower extremity edema. Serum albumin reduced to a certain extent, edema will gradually increase, and even facial facial edema, severe pitting lower edema, scalp edema, back edema, ...


  • How does nephrotic syndrome patients exercise?

    2017-11-29 17:45:45

    Patients with nephrotic syndrome should be mainly in bed rest. Lying in bed can increase renal blood flow, is conducive to diuresis, and reduce exposure to the outside, in order to prevent cross infection. But the long-term bedridden patients with nephrot...


  • The harm of polycystic kidney to the patients body

    2017-11-13 17:17:47

    Polycystic kidney disease is a kind of genetic disease which is harmful to human health. The disease will eventually destroy the function of the human kidney, and then slowly endanger peoples lives and safety. So, once diagnosed with polycystic kidney, mu...


  • What kind of kidney cysts are inherited?

    2017-10-29 17:13:05

    First kidney cyst is part of the urine in the local renal tubular retention time is too long to form, pided into simple renal cysts, acquired renal cysts and polycystic kidney disease. Simple renal cysts: This type of renal cysts are benign, there are sin...


  • Renal cyst careful secondary infection, how does renal cyst

    2017-10-19 17:23:56

    Cystic diseases of the kidney include a group of single or multiple cystic diseases that occur in different parts of the kidney. Most of them are congenital, and can be unilateral or bilateral. More common in 35-45 years old. In patients with renal cyst j...


  • Treatment of renal cyst before infection and after infection

    2017-10-19 17:21:26

    Because most of the renal cysts are small, asymptomatic, do not affect the renal function, and the natural change is slow or no change, so generally no treatment, but should be reviewed every six months to one year. For cysts larger than 4 cm in diameter,...


  • What are the clinical manifestations of nephrotic syndrome?

    2017-10-15 15:28:18

    What are the clinical manifestations of nephrotic syndrome? For nephrotic syndrome, people have a lot of questions, to know that many people in our kidney side are being troubled by the disease, then in the end nephrotic syndrome Of the cli...

    Tags:nephrotic sy,nephrotic sy

  • What is the hazard of nephrotic syndrome?

    2017-10-05 14:38:33

    1 nephrotic syndrome is a certain harm, and its disease in the time of onset with hyperlipidemia and hypercoagulable state of blood, it will lead to coronary heart disease. It has been reported that the incidence of myocardial infarction in patients with ...

    Tags:hazard of ne

  • How to prevent the complications of polycystic kidney diseas

    2017-10-02 16:17:58

    Everyone wants to be healthy, but many diseases can seriously affect peoples health, polycystic kidney is a high incidence of the disease, in patients suffering from polycystic kidney, may cause some complications, resulting in greater harm. So, how to pr...


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