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Why nephropathy will show different

2016-12-31 09:23

Kidney disease will show different! There are many causes and types of kidney disease, age, occupation, work environment, genetic, drugs and other factors will lead to different types of kidney disease. For example, lupus nephritis, acute pyelonephritis are often "discrimination" kidney disease, should have a correct understanding, to avoid delays in treatment.
Why kidney disease will show different
This is mainly related to two aspects: physiological characteristics, such as sex hormones, anatomical characteristics, such as differences in the structure of the urinary tract, but the exact cause is not fully understood. In the clinic, pyelonephritis, acute nephritis and nephrotic syndrome easily diagnosed, while similar to lupus nephritis syndrome and nephritis and nephrotic syndrome, easy to be misdiagnosis or missed diagnosis, eventually leading to delays in treatment. Therefore, female patients with nephritis or nephrotic syndrome, attention should be paid to the presence of lupus nephritis.
lupus nephritis
Lupus nephritis is a result of systemic lupus erythematosus invasion of the kidney. Nine out of ten occurs in young women. Some of the patients have familial tendency, and some patients suffer from ultraviolet radiation, virus infection or immune dysfunction after pregnancy and childbirth. Its symptoms are three aspects:
1 renal manifestations: simple hematuria or proteinuria, hematuria; proteinuria with edema, backache or hypertension, namely nephritis performance; proteinuria, hypoalbuminemia, edema, or nephrotic syndrome manifestations; hematuria, proteinuria and renal function decreased dramatically, a rapidly progressive renal disease; chronic renal function performance failure. Life can be expressed as one of the cases.
2 systemic manifestations: intermittent fever; malar erythema, because the shape like the butterfly, also called butterfly erythema; painless oral ulcer; multiple joint pain; epilepsy or mental abnormality; hand foot cold pale, warm turned purple, the back color, also called Raynaud's phenomenon.
3 laboratory abnormality: Blood Leukopenia (<4.0 * 109/L), or anemia or thrombocytopenia (<100 * 109/L); low ESR fast; complement C3; anti nuclear antibodies and autoantibodies. Renal biopsy is helpful not only for the diagnosis of lupus nephritis, but also for the severity of kidney damage.
The symptoms of lupus nephritis is sometimes not typical, only kidney abnormalities, often misdiagnosed as nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and chronic renal failure, missed the best timing of treatment, illness can not be promptly improved, caused uremia, heart failure or sepsis and other adverse consequences. Therefore, early diagnosis and early treatment is very important. For female patients with nephrotic syndrome should be self - examination of the existence of the above symptoms, if it exists, should be further to do the appropriate laboratory tests.
The susceptible factors of acute pyelonephritis:
Because the female urethra is short, the bacterium is easy to invade, the infection opportunity is many, therefore the female incidence rate is higher than the male 8 ~ 10 times.
Pregnant women with estrogen secretion, ureter tension decreased peristalsis is abate, cause urinary tract smooth, urine reflux and higher incidence of the urinary tract infection during the pregnancy, the majority of pyelonephritis. The ascending infection caused by cystitis, pyelonephritis, especially bladder and ureteral reflux, is an important reason for ascending infection.
Such as the treatment of cystitis or failed to fully, about 30% to 50% of the upstream cause pyelonephritis.
Urinary tract obstruction, resulting in poor urine flow, local antibacterial ability decrease, is conducive to infection and increased pressure, is an important cause of pyelonephritis. Approximately 60% of the complicated urinary tract obstruction.
Renal parenchymal lesions, such as glomerulonephritis, renal cysts, renal tumors and chronic tubulointerstitial diseases. The local kidney antibacterial ability drops, with the incidence of pyelonephritis.
Family emergency treatment: medication in case of bed rest, eat spicy food, drinking plenty of water every day to keep the urine volume in 1500ml ~ 2000ml, in order to facilitate detoxification.
Kidney disease will show different! The above is the introduction of the daily health care of kidney disease, I hope friends must pay more attention to the usual life, if there are some cases, must be timely diagnosis. Wish you a speedy recovery!
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