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Diet of patients with renal failure (two) (three)

2016-12-24 16:18
(two) how to add heat

In the limit of protein intake under the principle of Steamed Rice class limited, easily lead to insufficient heat, so that the body consumption of protein and urea increased, thinner body resistance is poor, so we must eat more high calorie,
Very low protein foods (such as sugar, sugar, sugar, honey, fruit sugar; vegetable oil and protein powder such as wheat flour, corn flour, cornstarch, lotus root starch, Green bean noodle, sago dumplings, etc.). everyday
Calorie intake recommendations: 35-45 calories per kilogram of body weight.

(three) how to limit sodium ion

Sodium in the body balance and muscle water activity, when renal insufficiency, may not be the sodium ion excessive body discharge caused by hypertension, edema, ascites, pleural effusion, increase the burden on the heart, day
Long time can cause heart failure. Salt, MSG, soy sauce, tomato sauce, barbecue sauce, vinegar, miso, preserving and processing of canned sodium is very high, so try to use natural food in daily life.
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