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Some renal failure can be recovered

2016-12-30 15:38
Can renal failure recover? Chronic renal failure is a common and serious disease in clinic, and the mortality is high. Due to the lack of specificity of early symptoms of illness, most patients are not taken seriously. When symptoms are obviously more advanced disease, the need for lifelong dialysis or kidney transplantation to maintain. However, there are some cases of renal failure in clinic, and there is still a certain degree of recovery of renal function. In these cases, early targeted treatment for rescuing patients with impaired renal function, improve the quality of life of patients, reduce the huge medical expenses due to renal failure, has very important significance.
Clinical experience suggests that the following conditions suggest that the patient's renal function is likely to improve:
1, there are basic lesions such as lupus nephritis, vasculitis associated glomerulonephritis, crescentic nephritis. These diseases cause kidney failure in patients with acute renal failure, which is mainly caused by the change of renal function, and the failure of the renal failure of chronic renal failure. The patient at the beginning of this article is a typical example of the decline in renal function caused by lupus activity. If we have a timely diagnosis and appropriate treatment, the possibility of recovery of renal function is very high.
2, there are obstructive factors such as patients with urinary tract stones, tumors, prostate hypertrophy caused by urinary retention, hydronephrosis, etc.. Timely detection and elimination of these factors, there is hope to restore renal function.
Health care of renal failure: early prevention effect of chronic renal failure
Suffering from renal failure medication what precautions
In general, patients should pay special attention to the disease do not eat drugs, to prevent drug damage to the kidneys. Is a drug three points of the drug, the best medication under the guidance of a doctor. For example, the toxicity of traditional Chinese medicine, including extremely toxic, Gelsemium hongshengdan, and high toxicity of Tripterygium wilfordii, Croton, strychnos etc.. Chinese herbal medicines containing aristolochic acid, may cause kidney damage, such as Guan Mutong, Aristolochia, Fangchi and green wood, Fibraurea recisa; Longdanxiegan pill, Anyang refined cream, Dahuang Qingwei pill, pill, fukefenqing pills, children, a row of stone balls, Jindan tablets and Dieda pills contained Aristolochia manshuriensis although the content is small, but, don't take long, should be strictly used under the guidance of a doctor.
In addition, if the occurrence of constipation in patients with nephropathy may be taking Maren Pills, congrongtongbian oral liquid, Mo pills etc.. If cold, first served Banlangen, Sang Ju, Xiaochaihu, flu like symptoms do not appear antibiotics. If it is a female patient to avoid pregnancy and urinary tract infection. Men should abstemious sex, always observe the symptoms, urine volume, blood pressure, body temperature, body weight, medication, and record, when seeing a doctor for medical reference.
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