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Please do a good job of skin care

2016-12-30 15:37
In patients with renal failure, how to do skin care, good skin care in patients with chronic renal failure, is an important work for prevention of skin infection, bedsore and related complications.
In patients with renal failure, how to do skin care, because patients with chronic renal failure renal excretion of toxic substances in the body can not put out, easy to cause skin itching or itchy, often cause insomnia. You should avoid hard scratching to prevent skin damage, bacterial infection and aggravating illness.
Skin itching, topical phenolic Calamine Lotion can also relieve itching, any of the one or two selected leaves, Radix Sophorae Flavescentis, Fructus Xanthii and 4 herbs in the wind (30 grams), Decoction and washing; or by wind, leaves each 30 grams, 60 grams of pepper, realgar, Decoction and washing.
Acupuncture treatment can achieve the purpose of relieving itching, can choose Quchi, Hegu, Zusanli, Xuehai point. In patients with chronic renal failure stage, due to long-term bed compression caused by nerve nutrition disorders and blood circulation disorders, local soft tissue ischemia, malnutrition, prone to bedsore.
Good skin care, is the key to prevention of bedsore. Therefore, in the care of patients should often change the position of the body, usually 2 to 3 hours to turn over every 1 times. When you turn over, you should avoid dragging, pulling, pushing, and so on. Patients should keep smooth bed without wrinkles, dry and clean without debris. Should keep the skin clean and dry. In addition, patients with renal failure should be good skin care in patients with chronic renal failure, often should use hot water bath, and back local massage, to promote local blood circulation, prevent the occurrence of bedsore.
Renal failure patients to adjust the dosage
Patients with kidney failure, kidney metabolic substances discharge reduced, so that these substances accumulate in the body, so also for taking drugs, some drugs or metabolites itself by the kidneys to exclude, such as renal failure, although the amount of medication is the amount of these products or drugs should be metabolism still accumulate in the body, which can cause the drug poisoning in patients with kidney failure, correctly adjusted the dose of the drug is very important. Patients with renal failure medication, to adjust the dosage oh.
If the use of drugs mainly excreted by the kidney, if still with the usual amount, it can be stored in the blood and tissue to reach the level of poisoning, poisoning symptoms. The symptoms of poisoning symptoms of uremia patients tend to be covered up, and not easy to detect, the tragedy caused by drug poisoning; if the drug has renal toxicity, it will lead to the deterioration of renal function rapidly, so it must not be negligent.
In general, the first dose of the drug can be used once the normal dose, but the subsequent dose will be reduced, how to reduce the amount of each drug is different, the doctor checked the drug use of renal failure table, you can know.
Hemodialysis (hd) and peritoneal dialysis (PD) patients, the drug amount should also be under the guidance of a doctor.
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