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Your heart can't fail"

2016-12-30 14:18
Another essential reason for the scientific community to understanding the relationship between thinking and disease, experts without personal experience, no experience, of course, will not believe the mysterious relationship of thinking and thinking and physiological function of wonderful. For example, the relaxation training can cure the disease, no experience of the people could not believe, can make people relax, calm, memory enhancement, ability enhancement, enhance self-confidence, can make people understand, analyze and judge ability, can make people full of go, wisdom increases, these phenomena are not tried hard to believe the fact that. The magical effect of various Marvel experts, Qigong masters into Daocheng Xian, the mysterious culture of superior.
The most important reason for the psychology of psychosomatic diseases are still at a loss what to do because not, a clear understanding of "great power and strong resistance to disease cure. Physiological disease caused by abnormal emotion, in the course of treatment, the disease will mercilessly destroy all dare to attempt to cure the disease. The thinking activities in order to meet the need for abnormal emotion, will change a variety of symptoms, producing a variety of reasonable and in line with the character of reason, fake like a variety of manufacturing, using various means, resist change, destroy the patient's efforts to change the desire to become the potential need for disease. It's resistance to destroy most of the Qiuzhi desire, no strong willpower and indomitable unremitting efforts and correct method to overcome the disease, most. Because the disease from the character, from the mood, no one is willing to change their character.
Only patients with long-term persistence and hard work, the disease will take a bit better, in transition, from illness into a lighter disease cycle, finally eradicate disease, recovery. Most patients are unable to persist, not through hard work, see the arrival of this day, this is also an important cause of psychological treatment to finally achieve effect, is the real human to believe that the role of psychological treatment, really dig out the thinking activity law and its physiological and diseases among the major obstacles and almost impassable resistance. A lot of people who believe that qigong treatment, after a tenacious effort to achieve the magical effects of medicine can not be achieved, but it is difficult to change because of the fact that it can not tell the mystery of the law and truth. Finally, can only draw some scientific conclusions and understanding, or stay in the letter not believe it, not words.
During the treatment, the disease is an extremely slippery strategist and tactician, the patient will work again and again into the dead end, the patient once again go astray, disease all changes in a variety of means to make the patient in the wrong way, the correct treatment to eradicate the opposite road even the patient to cure the disease. This, as often described in psychoanalytic transference, projection, regression, and so on, meet the alternative resistance law, and also put forward the theory of Buddhism "Climbing" and "magic". It is a latent law, a mysterious phenomenon that cannot be known. Because, thinking comes from emotion rather than from thinking, from the physical state rather than from people often think of reason. Only to achieve psychology, Buddhism, medicine, philosophy, psychosomatic medicine, qigong theory of common purpose to remove anxiety, to remove the "anxiety" for the purpose and the only criterion, related to the formation of human the most practical, the most profound psychological theory, to find out reasons and changes of thinking activities. To guide the patient master to eliminate the method of anxiety, through the patient's own long tenacious efforts, personality changes, reconstruction of personality, finally can cure the disease, to the rehabilitation of the road.
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