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What is the correct method of taking traditional Chinese med

2016-12-30 14:10
For the treatment of chronic renal failure, there is no fundamental way, but to reduce further damage to renal function, delaying the process of its failure.
1, western medicine treatment, mainly symptomatic treatment. (1) the treatment of primary disease and the reversible factor. (2) dietary therapy: restricted protein, O. 6g/kg high quality protein. (3) correct water, electrolyte and acid-base imbalance. (4) control of blood pressure. To restore the normal value of blood pressure, the use of antihypertensive drugs with the same general hypertension. (5) the use of drugs should avoid nephrotoxic drugs, according to the drug metabolism and excretion pathways, creatinine clearance rate and the impact of dialysis on the factors that determine the drug dose.
2, Chinese medicine treatment, dialectical therapy, syndrome treatment. For those who are virtual, focusing on the complement. Spleen and kidney qi (Yang) deficiency, spleen and kidney. Spleen and kidney deficiency of both qi and Yin, invigorating qi and nourishing yin. Yin deficiency of liver and kidney, nourishing liver and kidney. Two Yin and yang deficiency, yin and Yang, the two complement. Chinese medicine, such as Rehmannia six, Shenqi Dihuang pills, Qijudihuang pills, Guifudihuang pills have a certain effect. For those who are evil, focus on the discharge. Dampness, turbid qi. Water vapor, juanyin lishui. Blood stasis, blood stasis.
Chronic renal failure
In addition to active medical treatment, renal failure is also a very important aspect. The right diet can reduce the burden on the kidneys, maintain the function of the kidney. Should pay attention to the following five aspects:
1, patients with chronic renal failure diet should be light, into a low protein diet. Can eat milk, eggs, lean meat, carp, carp, soy products and other foods containing high quality protein, but the amount should be less, the average daily intake of 100 grams of adult is appropriate. Because the high protein diet will increase the excretion of kidney waste, increasing the burden on the kidneys. Do not eat plant protein, high blood lipids to limit the food containing high cholesterol foods, such as egg yolk, etc.. Strictly limit the intake of protein powder.
2, patients with chronic renal failure to timely supplement calcium. The main function of phosphorus is to strengthen bones, almost all food contains phosphorus, renal failure patients because of the kidney is not working properly, the excess accumulation of phosphorus in the blood, causing high blood phosphorus, can cause skin itching and bone lesions. Because of not normal phosphorus, and phosphorus will take calcium in the blood, the body can only from bone decalcification instead of calcium loss in the blood, leading to bone fragility. Patients with chronic renal failure can eat more foods containing magnesium ions, such as dark green vegetables, chocolate, etc., if necessary, should be supplemented with magnesium nutrients. Patients with chronic renal failure anemia, iron and folic acid must be added, but also to supplement the vitamin B family, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E, three antioxidants can improve the permeability of renal tubules, improve immunity. But vitamin B family to small.
3, if the kidney continues to deteriorate, in the course of chronic renal failure, there will be high potassium, high phosphorus, high uric acid and other symptoms in the diet should pay attention to these situations. High blood potassium should eat vegetables and fruits, such as bananas, dried fruits, beef, pork, soy sauce, cooking time can be used to remove part of the food, cooked blisters, and with extra salt substitute containing potassium. Because of the accumulation of potassium in the patient's body, serious will affect the function of the heart. High phosphorus eat sesame, peanut, melon seeds, edible fungus and seafood, containing less food, such as sweet potato, potato, radish, gourd, gourd, egg white, orange, apple, vermicelli, orange, pineapple etc..
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