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Renal failure in traditional Chinese medicine nursing instru

2016-12-30 14:09
Chronic renal failure (CRF) refers to the slow decline of renal function on the basis of various chronic kidney diseases. At present, patients with chronic renal failure are treated with combination of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, and with dialysis therapy. A hospital has been using this therapy for many years, and achieved satisfactory results:
1 medication guide
Traditional Chinese medicine is made from natural plants with less side effects. The patients with chronic renal failure in the selection of Western medicine, we should avoid nephrotoxic drugs, such as gentamicin, cephalosporins, etc.. At the same time pay attention to medication taboo, chronic renal failure patients should not eat radish, mung bean and other cold food in ginseng Qi drug, so as not to reduce the drug warming effect. At the same time guide the patient during treatment can not arbitrarily change, reduce, premature stop or stop after the drug does not track observation, so as not to aggravate the condition.
2 diet nursing
According to the "salty injury kidney", "light dampness" principle, in patients with chronic renal failure should be a low salt diet, severe hypertension, edema of the patients should strictly control the intake of salt, salt free diet. Chronic renal failure patients can staple food to rice, flour based, limit protein intake, to reduce the burden on the kidneys, can be made of high quality protein, animal protein, such as milk, egg, meat, beans, peanuts and fast bean products containing plant protein foods. For patients with dialysis treatment may be appropriate to increase the intake of protein, due to chronic renal failure in patients with blood urea nitrogen levels affect vitamin metabolism, the diet should pay attention to vitamin A, B, C. In little or no urine, limit mustard, mushrooms, bananas, potatoes and other high potassium foods, so as not to cause hyperkalemia.
3 emotional nursing
Chinese medicine believes that seven emotions, can directly affect the corresponding viscera, the Qi, Qi and blood disorders, leading to disease or illness. Patients with chronic renal failure are generally more serious, longer course of disease, resulting in patients prone to depression pessimism. You should actively guide the patient education, patient correctly treat their disease, patients are encouraged to maintain an optimistic and positive attitude. In this way, a positive and pleasant psychological can enhance the body's resistance to "keep healthy, do not be evil" role.
4 Living Guide
Late stage chronic renal failure, the patient will appear in patients with renal anemia, lassitude, soreness and weakness of waist and knees, it should rest in bed, ward to ensure timing ventilation, fresh air, sunshine. Bed rest is not unlimited, if the patient edema, hypertension, anemia improved, patients can be appropriate activities. Activities should be less to more, the first bed activities, activities under the bed. TCM believes that "kidney essence", the real injury kidney, depletion of its essence. Therefore, chronic renal failure patients should be appropriate to reduce the sexual intercourse, raising interest rates for the kidneys, it is very important for a speedy recovery. There will be life as it is not desirable, should be based on the condition that it is better to accept the doctor's advice, at the same time in the life should pay attention to health, to prevent infection aggravate renal damage.
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