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Why middle-aged women with increased renal failure

2016-12-30 14:09
In recent years the chronic renal failure seen in the media reports. Recent reports also introduced a 43 year old patient with renal failure to accept Ms. Liu's half brother and kidney, 32 year old Ms. rely on the touching story of 7 year old daughter flower money transplant. The careful man is not difficult to find, this disaster renal failure occurred in 30 ~ 50 years old middle-aged women between, and sudden onset, a lot of people for the first time to the hospital, has been forced to the late kidney dialysis.
Experts said the kidney, cause of chronic renal failure are chronic glomerulonephritis and chronic pyelonephritis mainly interstitial nephritis and its disease, hypertension and diabetes and other systemic diseases, one of the most easily misdiagnosed as chronic pyelonephritis to hundreds of interstitial nephritis, the disease in second the incidence rate of chronic renal failure.
Chronic pyelonephritis generally occurs in had a history of urinary tract infections in middle-aged women, because the symptoms of the disease have no common nephrotic edema, it is difficult to arouse people's attention. Even if has developed to the early stage of chronic renal failure, mild anemia, hypertension and urinary symptoms, is not easy to pay attention to, is often misdiagnosed as hypertension or other disease, so the doctor was called a "silent killer". When nausea and vomiting and other typical symptoms appear, often has been unable to recover the late stage of renal failure. Thus, this leads to renal failure by pyelonephritis seemingly ferocious, in fact there are a couple of years to several years of slow process, its etiology, occurrence of urinary tract infection is the culprit a few years ago.
Urinary tract infection is a common disease of women, the survey data show that more than 30% of women have had more than one month of life urinary tract infection. In this part of the crowd, most of the patients after regular treatment without recurrence, part of poor physique and without formal treatment of patients with recurrent, after one or two years is likely to develop chronic pyelonephritis. Therefore, gynecological experts say, do not ignore the urinary tract infection which is regarded as the "small fire" ailment. The typical symptoms of acute urinary tract infection is frequent micturition, urgency, urinary astringent, or when there is urgency and dysuria feeling, not only in patients with typical bieniao hot tart. At this point should be bed rest, drink plenty of water and urine, in a timely manner to the regular hospital urology clinic, under the guidance of a doctor to give adequate antibiotic treatment. Patients with urinary tract infection for the first time should be treated with antibiotics for two weeks. The authors should be given a long - term and low - dose treatment for a period of 6 to 12 weeks. The author, who is related to sexual life, should urinate immediately after sexual life.
For suspected of suffering from chronic pyelonephritis and early renal injury, gynecological experts said, people often put in a misunderstanding, that the routine examination of the urine was normal. In fact, normal urine does not mean that there is no chronic renal injury or normal renal function. The reason is that the domestic routine examination of the urine by test paper, this method is mainly used to measure, the molecular diagnostic value for albumin, glomerular nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and other diseases, but undetectable microglobulin appear pyelonephritis and patients with early renal injury in the urine, it is easy to cover up the truth, delayed treatment. The correct way is to make an examination of the urine of the radioactive room of the immune globulin.
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