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Teach you renal failure diet notes

2016-12-30 11:18
When renal failure diet, decreased renal function, urine can not be excreted toxins, poisoning symptoms in the course of time will accumulate in the blood (i.e., uremia) will lead to the body with hydrogen, sodium and potassium ion much.
The control diet good for kidney failure, chronic renal failure patients is a basic treatment, can reduce urinary toxin production, also can maintain the body the lowest nutrient requirement and electrolyte balance, but this plan is a challenge to the patients themselves and the family to work hard to overcome, to develop this kind of renal failure diet, often need to give up some food to satisfy their appetites.
Renal failure diet, dietary control principle:
1, renal failure diet, adequate protein intake;
2, adequate intake of heat;
3, renal failure diet, pay attention to the control of water and salt (sodium intake);
4, renal failure diet, avoid high potassium and phosphorus containing foods.
Renal failure in patients with renal failure, diet, intake of protein should be restricted, in order to reduce the burden of kidney, renal failure diet, but if you eat less, the consumption of muscle and visceral organs of the body, so must have the right and sufficient "quantity" and "quality" of the protein content should be per kg per day the weight of 1 to 1.2 grams, renal failure diet, intake of high quality and biological value of animal protein foods, such as milk, eggs, meat. Renal failure due to diet, vegetable protein in vivo utilization rate is low, renal failure diet, metabolism resulting from more nitrogenous waste, so can not be any food, such as legumes (beans, mung beans, peas, beans, soybeans, soy products (Wan Douren), Dried tofu, tofu, Soybean Milk), kidney failure of diet, gluten products (gluten, gluten, flour intestines), nuts (peanuts, melon seeds, walnut, cashew, Su Zi etc.).
Nutritional supplements induced renal failure
Renal failure is the pathological state of partial or total loss of renal function. Renal failure is divided into acute renal failure and chronic renal failure. In a few cases, chronic renal failure may also be caused by acute renal failure.
With the vigorous development of economy, people's life quality is increased, people's pursuit of food are increasingly rich, dinners, friends, become the common high-grade supplements dietary behavior, but it also brought a series of side effects such as a lot of people because of excessive nutrition or high fat food caused a series of "precious" disease such as gout: sugar, such as diabetes and hypertension of the three diseases are caused by different degree of damage to the kidney, and the main cause of these three diseases is not excessive diet, eating high protein foods, because of the large amount of protein intake will increase the burden on the kidney, the kidney damage caused by renal failure the.
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