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Health care method for patients with renal failure

2016-12-30 11:18
For patients with renal failure, the summer is likely to cause exacerbation and recurrence of the disease, which is mainly due to the hot summer weather, the body sweat will increase, and irregular diet, exercise also reduced a lot, so for patients with renal failure. It should strengthen the health care work of renal failure.
1, patients should develop good eating habits
In the summer weather is hot, many patients will eat cold drinks, watermelon and other fruits. These are potential crises. As a result of the cold can damage the gastrointestinal function, so that the stomach lost in Jianyun, on the condition of good. If the occurrence of acute enteritis Tanliang per the disease recurrence or aggravation. The renal failure patients with cold drinks in summer.
2, patients should develop good habits.
For patients with renal failure. It should pay attention to the change of the weather, good habits, good care of renal failure. Pay attention to the sun protection work, to ensure physical strength, once again conducive to the rehabilitation of the disease. There are a lot of harmful substances in the sun in the summer, it is easy to damage the human body caused by inflammation of the skin, kidney failure in patients with low immune function, it should be cautious in the sun, so as not to aggravate the skin inflammation.
3, patients should pay attention to physical exercise
The general will be reduced in the amount of exercise in patients, and some patients love swimming, but this is exhausting exercise, and swimming venues of health can not be guaranteed, so patients should not take a bath in the pool, do some exercise, do the health care work of renal failure.
4, patients should pay attention to the living environment
Patients should live in a bright, fresh air environment, air conditioning is unfavorable situation is too low, lower than the outdoor temperature is 5c~6 degrees C is appropriate, otherwise vulnerable to sudden change of cold and hot and cold. The summer sleep nephropathy syndrome patients should cover the abdomen, to protect stomach Yang, prevent colds.
These are some summer health measures on renal failure, for patients with renal failure should be good friends, health care, the only way to reduce the deterioration of renal failure, which is conducive to the treatment of renal failure.
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