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To get rid of the threat of kidney failure.

2016-12-30 10:25
In the treatment of chronic kidney disease, when kidney damage to renal failure, modern western medicine to a large extent, it is recommended that patients with dialysis or kidney transplantation. Dialysis is used as an in vitro renal replacement therapy, and the patients who have entered the end stage of renal failure are mainly treated with dialysis as the treatment method, and most of them are hemodialysis. However, long-term dialysis will lead to a dependence, resulting in complete loss of renal function.
First, the key: cure, blocking the process of renal fibrosis
The development of patients with renal failure to the final stage - uremia, many people will say that due to poor control, kidney disease will deteriorate. In fact, this is just a general statement, the real reason is renal fibrosis, renal fibrosis process if not blocked, it will lead to the loss of effective renal units and progressive decline in renal function. So uremia is the ultimate manifestation of renal fibrosis. Therefore, the treatment of patients with stable renal failure, to prevent the development of hemodialysis stage, the key is: to block the progress of renal fibrosis, repair damaged renal units, to restore impaired renal function.
Blocking the process of renal fibrosis has been a major problem in the medical field, but the tongshantang hospital experts after years of clinical practice and scientific research, and finally in the blocking process of renal fibrosis has made breakthrough progress, the traditional Chinese medicine micro processing technology and the use of Chinese medicine active substance blocking renal fibrosis subtly linked. Through the micro Chinese medicine osmotherapy, Chinese medicine will be processed into micro particles, resulting in the release of bioactive compounds in traditional Chinese medicine, for the cause of fibrosis, targeted fire, degradation, apoptosis and repair, to block chain of the deterioration of renal fibrosis. After a large number of clinical practice confirmed that the process of renal fibrosis in 280 cases of patients with chronic renal failure is prevented, which effectively blocked the possibility of renal failure to uremia deterioration, so as to get rid of the threat of hemodialysis.
Two, adjuvant therapy
In order to control some of the factors that affect the progression of chronic renal failure, in addition to the active treatment of the disease, the treatment of diet is also of great significance for the treatment of chronic renal failure. It is recommended that patients with chronic renal failure (CRF) be treated with high quality and low protein diet, and a large number of studies have shown that dietary protein restriction can reduce many symptoms of renal failure. Diet therapy can reduce the incidence of complications. These include renal nephropathy, hypertension, electrolyte disorders, and metabolic acidosis.
High quality and low protein diet for the treatment of chronic renal failure with adjuvant therapy. Special remind patients with chronic renal failure to pay special attention to improper diet will lead to worsening kidney disease, "blood" lesson.
That is to say, patients with chronic renal failure, every day to eat the protein quality of 0 per kilogram of body weight. 6 grams or so, and try not to eat beans and soy products such as tofu, soy milk, etc.. It is necessary to calculate daily food intake according to the food composition table. And now some doctors began to develop food containing low protein, such as for kidney patients eat low protein noodles.
In addition to several aspects of dietary treatment, but also pay attention to the following points, which is of positive significance for the prevention of chronic renal failure, to avoid entering the stage of hemodialysis.
The Spring Festival is approaching, in order to make the patients with renal failure have a healthy and safe Spring Festival, remind patients with chronic renal failure need to pay attention to the five major festivals:
(1) attention should be paid to the prevention of pharyngeal, lung, urinary tract infection, so as to avoid infection with chronic renal failure.
(2) to avoid the cold, fatigue, diarrhea, trauma etc.. Because every time the infection, the disease may be increased once.
(3) infection should be promptly after the use of antibiotics to control infection, prohibited the use of gentamicin, kanamycin, amphotericin B and other toxic drugs to the kidney, otherwise it will increase the accelerated deterioration of renal function.
(4) control of hypertension. Because high blood pressure can lead to deterioration of renal function to accelerate, the general blood pressure maintained at 130/85mmHg is suitable.
(5) should be actively treated to reduce the loss of protein, a large number of long-term proteinuria can contribute to deterioration of renal function.
Three, actively control the causes and risk factors
In the early and middle stage of chronic renal failure patients, delaying or blocking the renal function continues to deteriorate, it will reduce the incidence of uremia, relieve symptoms and improve the general state of the patient.
There are many factors influencing the course of progressive chronic renal failure, in addition to different causes, but also by glomerular filtration, high metabolism in renal tubules, metabolic acidosis, secondary hyperparathyroidism and metastatic calcification, hyperlipidemia, some uremic toxins (such as methyl guanidine) effects of various important factors. May also be related with the patient's specific genetic gene. In the gradual progress of the process, some of the risk factors of chronic renal failure also led to a sharp increase in the main have severe hypertension, acute heart failure, hypotension or shock, dehydration, bleeding, renal toxicity, severe infection, urinary tract obstruction, hypercoagulability and hyperviscosity. In order to prevent and (or) delaying the progress of chronic renal failure, not only to actively prevent the occurrence and development factors of progressive control over these effects, but also to avoid the damage to kidney renal failure were the risk factors, showing the trend of vicious spiral.
In patients with chronic renal failure in radical treatment, blocking the process of renal fibrosis and positive control of the effect of duration of chronic renal failure and progressive factors, in addition to the importance of diet in the treatment, and some other considerations, which can effectively block the renal failure condition continued to deteriorate, get rid of the threat of dialysis.
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