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Chinese food should eat more nourishing black

2016-12-30 10:12
Although we yearn for the skin as white as possible, kidney disease experts recommend, eat the more black the more healthy food. Many people may not be aware of the benefits of black food.
Experts say the traditional Chinese medicine, different colors of food or medicine belonging to the body's internal organs: the red heart, liver and spleen in yellow into blue, white lung, black into the kidney. So, in our life, we choose the diet according to the color, is a simple and easy way. The black food on the kidney nourishing and care, but also by the kidney hospital experts affirmed.
If a careful study of "five nutrition, will be found, which are" good nourishing". M - a rarity in the black rice, also known as the "Black Pearl", is rich in trace elements and amino acids of protein, iron, calcium, manganese, zinc and so on, there are appetizers beneficial, slippery astringent to complement the fine, warm liver and spleen, blood circulation and other effects; beans were the ancients as the valley of kidney beans. Sweet natured, not only shaped like a kidney, and kidney, promoting blood circulation and diuresis, detoxification, moisturizing effect, especially for kidney patients; Heizao warm taste "nutrition warehouse" said Gan Bu Zhong Yi Qi, tonifying stomach blood function; walnut has kidney tonic, diuretic, eliminating stone laxative, Wenfei Dingchuan effect, commonly used in lumbago due to deficiency of the kidney and urinary stones and other symptoms; black sesame, sweet natured, nourishing liver and kidney, moistening the role of the five internal organs is caused by liver and kidney, the blood deficiency vertigo, white hair, hair loss, Yaoxisuanruan, constipation etc. Good therapeutic effect of health care. The five kinds of food with congee, is a rare nourishing jiapin.
Renal failure patients medication notes
Protein restriction: no dialysis patients with kidney will not produce protein metabolism after waste discharge, the renal insufficiency situation is more serious, therefore, would suggest reduced protein intake; but if dialysis, it shall be a message, in the dialysis can cause body protein loss, so it must be with the dietitian suggestions to maintain the body needs.
Limit the intake of sodium salt with high sodium content: because, in renal insufficiency patients if there is too much sodium, will cause water retention in the body, causing the heart and lung failure and aggravate renal insufficiency situation. But do not use low sodium salt, due to low sodium salt containing high potassium ions.
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