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What are the precautions of chronic renal failure

2016-12-31 10:03

In clinical practice, in fact, for patients with chronic renal failure, there are a lot of attention, so I hope the patient can be mastered. Because this can help patients get more effective treatment, then what are the issues of chronic renal failure?;
Experts pointed out that the occurrence of chronic renal failure is the result of the development of renal fibrosis, when renal scarring, kidney function is lost, and therefore can not exercise the original excretory function, so we need dialysis and renal transplantation means to sustain life. The treatment of chronic renal failure to block renal fibrosis and prevent pathological damage, and in the process of blocking the renal fibrosis, susceptible to renal fibrosis progression need to pay attention to several factors, such as influenza, infection and other factors.
Secondly, in the treatment of patients with chronic renal failure, should pay attention to exercise, prevent colds, itself immune function in patients with nephropathy defects, when progression to renal insufficiency, the immunity is very low. Cold is a systemic disease, decreased immune function, Chang Jifa infection. The infection will aggravate the process of renal fibrosis, increase the degree of damage to functional renal units. In addition to the patient to know the treatment of this disease, we should also know that traditional Chinese medicine treatment of kidney disease helps to quickly control the disease.
Experts said that the Chinese medicine therapy, the treatment of chronic renal failure is a syndrome differentiation, its purpose is to prevent illness and disease development, promote rehabilitation. This is the first step in the treatment of various renal diseases, which is based on the factors of ischemia and hypoxia. In all levels of the blood vessels and the blood vessels around the body to be expanded, systemic blood circulation has been improved, the effective perfusion of the body increased, the situation of ischemia and hypoxia to the fundamental relief.
What is the precursor of renal failure?
Renal failure is mainly due to various reasons, the kidney function loss, caused by nitrogen retention, water, electrolyte and acid-base imbalance syndrome clinical manifestation of renal failure. Would you say those with symptoms of chronic nephritis. If treatment is not perfect or not when the illness, the continued development of the finally, is the outcome of renal failure, uremia. So what is the precursor of renal failure? Here is a kidney specialist for you to do a detailed introduction:
In the early stage of renal failure, usually without any symptoms to warn the patient of his / her kidneys cannot work properly. This is why regular blood and urine examination is very important reasons. Sometimes even if patients feel good, but health examination results will also show some signs of kidney disease.
This is the treatment of chronic renal failure in the treatment of the matters needing attention, hoping to help patients with friends to get effective treatment, early recovery of the health of the body.
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