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Chinese medicine believes that eating ginger can prevent mal

2016-12-30 08:28
Chinese medicine believes that ginger is to help Yang products, so since ancient times, Chinese medicine has been known as "men can not be a hundred days without ginger" language. While the modern clinical pharmacology study found that ginger has anti-inflammatory and analgesic, and speeding up the body The new supersedes the old. coexcitation human multi system function, but also regulate the function of male prostate, prostate disease in the treatment of senile male sexual dysfunction and, therefore, ginger is often used for male health.
Fresh ginger: enhance appetite, anti-aging
In elderly men are often physically weak due to stomach, loss of appetite, can often with fresh ginger, stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, and promote digestion. Fresh ginger and ginger as dry strong, moist and not hurt the Yin, every cut four or five slices of fresh ginger, the morning drink a cup of warm boiling water, then put ginger slowly in the mouth, let ginger odor in the mouth, spread to the stomach inside and outside nostril.
Ginger: treatment of kidney deficiency impotence
Take the male carp 1 tail (about 500 grams), dried ginger, medlar 10 grams. Take carp belly fish Huo (male belly white jelly like substance, the male seminal vesicle), add ginger, Chinese wolfberry with fried. Boil, add wine, salt, monosodium glutamate seasoning. When the fasting day eating, eat 1 times, and even served 5 days.
Dry ginger warm in the cold, stomach and blood circulation, medlar nourishing the liver and kidney, Yijing Mingmu, this diet can be treated due to kidney yang deficiency caused by impotence, aversion to cold, pain, Yaoxisuanruan, burnout.
Beware of renal failure children nocturnal enuresis
Children nocturnal enuresis beware of renal failure, experts said, in general, edema, blood in the urine, the urine is the main symptoms of foam nephropathy can directly find, when these symptoms also caused the attention of the patients timely treatment and early examination. But the increase in nocturia is easy to neglect. Part of the children's parents when their children appear nocturia phenomenon, we tend to associate "is not the child to drink more water?" "is not a child angry" and so on, thus ignoring the symptoms, delay treatment, eventually making rapid progress and development of disease in end-stage uremia. >>>>> is not easy to detect the symptoms of chronic renal failure
Why do children with chronic renal failure patients will appear nocturia increase? Mainly has the following several points:
Nocturia and nephropathy in the end is how the relationship? Generally healthy children urination at night when 0-2 times, usually after dinner drink less, plus low metabolic rate after sleep by slow blood flow, renal tubular reabsorption of the original urine was full, nocturia generally less obvious in the daytime urine, but when the various causes lead to kidney damage, renal insufficiency, kidney metabolic products during the day will not be completely discharged, continue to discharge at night, causing nocturia. The hospital had treated a few children patients because of nocturia did not cause parents attention, to seek treatment, the renal function has been severely damaged, but the parents had mixed feelings of remorse and shame can not change the facts.
Children are the future of the child, there are problems in a timely manner.
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