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Eat instant noodles can cause kidney failure?

2016-12-30 08:27
Renal failure refers to renal failure, chronic and acute. Patients with renal failure are often accompanied by hypertension, anemia, water and electrolyte imbalances and other symptoms. In recent years, more and more patients with renal failure have been developed, many of which are caused by bad eating habits. There are a lot of people love to eat instant noodles. That's one of the reasons. Let us take a look at what are bad eating habits can cause kidney failure. Instant noodles are commuters favorite, sometimes because of work time or overtime very late, not what to eat, you open a bag of instant noodles bubble can eat instant noodles, but should not eat too much, there is great harm to the human body.
1 eat instant noodles may lead to renal failure. Instant noodles are generally fried, fried noodles can be reduced because of moisture, can extend the preservation period. But these oils through oxidation into "lipid" on the bread, when people will eat into the body cavity vascular or other organs, accelerate aging speed and cause hardening of the arteries, leading to stroke, heart disease, kidney disease etc..
4, high salt content of instant noodles easily lead to high blood pressure. A packet of instant noodles salt content is usually 2 ~ 3 grams, if three meals a day to eat instant noodles, daily intake of sodium salt content will be exceeded, the risk of suffering from high blood pressure will rise. And most people in the time to eat instant noodles would like to add ham, ham sodium content is considerable. If you often eat together with two, suffering from high blood pressure will significantly increase the number of times.
2, completely no nutrition all fat. First, most of the instant noodles are fried and the bread itself contains high oil. In addition, in order to delicious instant noodles seasoning packets usually have a 2~3 bag, a liquid oil, or with animal oil sauce; the other is a salt, monosodium glutamate, spices and other mixed powder; some have a small bag of dehydrated vegetables. Seasoning package is the first component of fat. If it is a sauce package, the oil content is usually more than 50%. If it is oil, containing more than 95% fat. The vegetables in the vegetable package because of the serious dehydration is not nutritious.
3 old eating instant noodles will become stupid. This is not alarmist, the study found to maintaining normal physiological function and improve the brain, there must be lecithin, protein, sugar, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin B and other nutrients eight. The delicious and convenient instant noodles but do not have more than a variety of nutrients, often eat will make the brain long-term lack of nutrition and become stupid.
Instant noodles although there are a lot of drawbacks, but there will still be a lot of people to give up on the instant noodles abandoned, a lot of people because of instant noodles to eat at any time convenient. But there will still be a lot of healthy and convenient food, can also be used to eat instant noodles, don't need to choose. There are many factors that can cause kidney failure.
1 excessive intake of protein. Protein eating too much, will lead to increased blood uric acid levels in the body, causing hyperuricemia. The increase of serum uric acid concentration is very toxic to the kidney, which can easily lead to the occurrence of renal tubule and renal interstitial lesions.
2 too salty. Eat too salty is easy to lead to high blood pressure. High blood pressure is a systemic disease, which is often associated with kidney disease". In recent years, the incidence of renal damage caused by hypertension is rising. Therefore, daily life should adhere to the salt diet, daily intake of salt should be 5 to 6 grams more appropriate.
3 too sweet, too much oil. Eat too sweet, too much oil will not only increase the burden on the kidneys, but also lead to obesity. Obesity can lead to an increase in kidney fat content, weight gain, volume, glomerular hypertrophy. Obese patients are also prone to insulin resistance, which leads to diabetes. About 40% of all diabetic patients develop diabetic nephropathy, which is one of the most difficult to treat kidney disease.
4 too full. Eat too much, the burden on the kidneys, a lot of people with kidney disease are unknowingly eat out. The kidney is an important organ responsible for the excretion of waste and toxins in the body. Eating too much will increase the burden on the kidneys, long-term high load of work, the kidneys naturally easy to fall ill.
We do not eat instant noodles, diet should also pay attention not to eat too much protein, too sweet, too greasy food, and do not eat too full. Hope these good habits will bring you health.
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