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The renal pelvis of the small stones can move with the posit

2016-12-31 14:36
The renal pelvis of the small stones can move with the position, the morphology and the larger stones is consistent in a cavity shape, showed typical shape or staghorn coral. Sometimes the stone can be filled with the whole renal pelvis and renal pelvis similar to the performance of pyelography. Lateral view, kidney stones mostly overlaps with the spinal column.
Renal pelvis radiography can show the exact location of the stones, and understand hydronephrosis and renal function. Contrast can also be found in a small number of flat stones can not be found in the negative stones, as the edge of the smooth filling defect. The density of the positive stones is similar to that of the contrast agent, which is easy to be covered, which may result in missed diagnosis or misdiagnosis.
This disease belongs to traditional Chinese medicine "drench disease" category, it is with pee not good, urethral stabbing pain is characteristic. Often discharged from the sand and gravel as the main evidence, traditional Chinese medicine known as stone".
Due to the fear of eating milk powder, some parents do not hesitate to use soy milk, rice and other milk, resulting in many children malnutrition.
Experts believe that although Soybean Milk, soy milk is also very rich in nutrients, but the nutritional value contained in milk powder is that they can not be replaced, so the national inspection in accordance with the relevant standard of milk can give the children to eat. For parents to buy a variety of nutritional health products for children to eat the phenomenon, experts say, if not properly grasp, will have a negative impact on children's growth. The most prominent is the calcium and the zinc children health food.
Several easily overlooked symptoms of renal failure
Renal failure, a kind of kidney disease that is easy to be ignored, is a kind of occult disease. It is easy to be ignored by people because of its insidious onset, which can cause serious injury to the body. In this regard, kidney experts to introduce several easy to ignore the symptoms of renal failure, we hope to attract attention.
Several easily overlooked renal failure symptoms 1, hypoglycemia
When renal failure occurs, then it will not be effective in the destruction of insulin in vivo, some of the original high blood sugar in patients with diabetes will appear hypoglycemia symptoms.
Several easily overlooked symptoms of renal failure, anemia, 2
Renal failure is easy to make patients with anemia, renal failure leads to reduced erythropoietin, patients will have anemia and other symptoms of malaise.
Some easily neglected kidney failure symptoms in 3, nosebleeds
Often the nosebleed usually for patients with renal failure, renal failure caused the blood coagulation function drops, cause the patient often flow nosebleed.
Several easily overlooked renal failure symptoms 4, fractures
In general, patients with renal failure is more prone to fracture, renal failure resulting in the regulation of calcium and phosphorus metabolism of active vitamin D3 reduced, the patient is easy to fracture.
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