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Case: bieniao "hold" renal failure

2016-12-30 08:25
Patients with urinary tract in a hospital renal outpatient reception every day nearly 30 cases of infection, is 40 to 50 year old middle-aged women. Middle aged women resistance to reduce urinary tract infection is easy to cause, treatment is not easy to relapse, severe renal failure caused by uremia.
It is understood that patients with urinary tract infection accounted for about 2/3 of the total outpatient clinic, which some patients due to not timely treatment led to severe symptoms.
Water has a great harm.
Urine is a product of the metabolism of the kidney, the kidney in the urine to regulate the body of excess water, excretion of metabolic waste and toxins produced by the body metabolism. Daily intake of food and the body's metabolism of water, in the body with blood flow into the kidney. There are a lot of "glomerular filters" in the kidneys". Glomerular filtration water and metabolic waste. When the blood flows into the filter, the excess water in the blood together with the body's metabolic waste filtered out to form urine. Urine into the bladder through the ureter to store up to a certain amount, it will produce a sense of urination, usually the amount of urine produced by adults every 24 hours is from 1000 to 2000 ml.
Urinary metabolites of the human body, most of which is not what the body needs, it continuously formed, then if the urine retention in the bladder, urinary bladder will be more and more, resulting in increased bladder muscles for expansion and damage. Some people hold back after a period of time, even if the discharge will consciously lower abdomen pain, this is not completely after dilatation of bladder contraction. In addition, hold too long, the intravesical pressure increases, metabolic function is bound to damage the kidneys excrete waste, water and waste metabolism in the human body accumulate, causing uremia caused by renal failure, endanger life.
Therefore, in addition to the short time to do some checking bieniao, any other case should not hold back.
Increase in outdoor sports, to replenish moisture, water play to the urethral "flush" effect, prevent bacteria; secondly, usually can not hold back, once appear frequent micturition, urgency, dysuria and other symptoms, to timely medical treatment, cause acute pyelonephritis or for a long period of treatment and eventually led to the disaster of urinary tract infection in uremia.
Again, pay attention to rest, overwork may cause urinary tract infection for cervicitis, trichomonas vaginitis, mycotic vaginitis and other gynecological diseases to be positive treatment of the primary disease, at the same time to active treatment of chronic diseases such as diabetes induced urinary tract infection.
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