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Tell you how to do foot massage can prevent renal failure

2016-12-31 10:16

Chronic renal failure can be prevented! Don't you know how to prevent it? Here is a way to prevent you!
More and more experts and scholars pay attention to the early prevention of chronic renal failure. These include an early screening for kidney disease, a positive control of kidney disease, and possibly kidney disease, to prevent the development of chronic renal failure.
Foot massage to prevent renal failure
China there is an old saying, "people's decline began in the foot". Foot massage foot massage is our country has long been a self massage. Rub foot heart, can promote blood circulation, eliminate disease and prolong life. It also has nourishing Yin, strong waist and kidney, Yijing busui effect. For men, it is a convenient and effective method of health care".
Before the foot, it is best to use hot water bubble feet. Sitting in a chair or bed and leg high, relaxed. Put the right leg on the opposite leg first. Hold the right ankle, another hand to hand foot rub arch under 120. After rubbing out, left leg feet, continue to massage.
Friction foot to the feet soles of the feet are conscious of a slight fever. Adhere to every day, will soon be effective.
Self massage method for renal failure
[Methods]: two palm to rub hot pressed on at a moment and then push down yaoyan to sink, repeated 50~100 times, 1~2 times daily; with the palm or fist eye rotation massage waist 5 minutes; hands palm root from the waist on both sides to squeeze according to the number of times, acid bilges heavy. After the waist relaxed; hands buckle virtual fist, fist eye to eye with spinal tap bilateral alternating about 5 minutes every night before going to bed; warm water washing, with the palm or finger belly rub rubbing Yongquan soles of the feet to the arch of diathermy easily.
[effect]: strong lumbar kidney, ear Mingmu, fire down the foul air, yin and Yang, longevity.
Five essential factors of healthy diet in patients with renal failure
First, you can eat more foods containing magnesium ions, such as dark green vegetables, chocolate, etc..
Two, avoid taking laxatives and antacids containing magnesium salt.
Three, due to the high protein diet to increase the waste of kidney excluded, increasing the burden on the kidneys. Therefore, patients with renal failure, to limit protein intake. Protein may be high protein foods, such as milk, egg protein, meat, containing more essential amino acids, in order to supply the body needs. And the plant protein is very little.
Four, the calculation of heat is very important, the deployment of carbohydrates, fat and protein, can increase the carbohydrate in order to maintain the heat required, and reduce the amount of protein intake. Fat is considered to eat a single unsaturated fatty acids and more food, such as vegetable oil.
Five, patients with renal failure to limit water, salt intake so as not to aggravate the burden on the kidneys. Cause edema.
If the kidney continues to deteriorate, but also pay attention to the accumulation of potassium in the body, the serious will affect the function of the heart, so too much food containing potassium should be avoided. Such as bananas, dried fruits, beef, pork, sardines, bean sauce, lettuce, wheat etc..
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