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What are the signs of kidney failure

2016-12-31 14:53
Kidney failure is a serious disease, but the disease is not a sudden, before the arrival of renal failure, there will always be a series of signs. If you can grasp these symptoms for early treatment, it can be effectively prevented. Look at what signs of renal failure.
1 of patients with kidney problems, sometimes there will be no obvious symptoms, or even a little feeling is not. This is why urine and blood tests are often very important. Sometimes even patients feel good about themselves, but the results of health tests also show signs of kidney disease.
2 renal failure is often caused by many diseases, so some primary diseases to actively treatment. Disease can cause kidney damage, glomerular filtration function to reduce, so that the production of creatinine, urea nitrogen and other toxins can not be excluded normal. Renal failure is not an incurable disease, the key is to choose the best treatment for patients, but not unilateral Chinese or western medicine treatment can be good.
These are signs of renal failure before the arrival of visible, renal failure, and not without warning, if you can learn to recognize and use these signs, treatment of the patient's body and disease is very helpful. And if the disease is formed and then treated, it becomes more difficult.
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