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Milk allergy can cause renal failure!

2016-12-29 19:05
"To know the daughter of milk chronic allergies, I would not give her to drink milk every day!" yesterday afternoon, with a 8 year old daughter Xixi (a pseudonym) once again came to visit the hospital nephrosis Ms. Yang said.
Treatment of renal disease
6 years ago, who lives in Shuangnan Street Ms. Yang found that after weaning near her neck, limbs and other parts of the different degree of long needle the size of purple spots, "baby don't cry, also don't think her what is not normal."
Ms. Yang said that with the growth of the age of the west, the purple spots on her body also gradually increased, until last summer, she found that West urinating bleeding. To a hospital for kidney disease, the results showed that west with allergic visceral mixed purpura.
However, after the treatment of kidney disease in a number of kidney disease hospital, west of the kidney disease has not improved, but because of hormone drugs to stimulate, the child quickly gained weight and began to appear symptoms of renal failure.
"Is it because of the chronic disease caused by some kind of food?" under the doctor's advice, a food intolerance test was carried out.
"Milk is a popular food, ah, are aware of their nutrition, which know that there are people who do not care about it." Ms. Yang said that every day she would give her daughter to drink milk, which know that it also hurt her. After treatment a diet off time, the West has been effectively controlled nephrotic disease.
Several manifestations of acute renal failure, I hope the following introduction, so you better understand the renal failure.
Infection type
Bacterial, viral, fungal infection can be complicated by acute renal failure. The viral infection in the patients with acute renal failure is viral pneumonia, encephalitis, hepatitis and epidemic hemorrhagic fever. | medical education network bacterial infection especially gram negative infection can cause acute renal failure.
Two, shock type
Shock caused by various causes can lead to acute renal failure. Common causes include hemorrhage, imbalance of water electrolyte balance, cardiac circulatory failure and so on.
Three, pressure type
Caused by severe crush injury. The etiology and clinical course of renal failure are extremely complex. It is a common and important type in clinical practice.
Four, hemolytic type
Incompatible blood transfusion, a large number of old blood transfusion, mechanical hemolysis can be complicated by acute renal failure. The main pathogenesis of disseminated intravascular coagulation.
Only patients understand their condition, establish confidence, actively cooperate with the doctor's treatment, the only way for the treatment of renal failure will be favorable.
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