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Nursing care of patients with renal failure?

2016-12-31 10:37

Nursing care of patients with renal failure, kidney disease is the most afraid of patients with renal failure, if there is renal failure, the need for timely treatment. Patients with renal failure in the treatment of patients with renal failure, pay attention to what? Kidney experts said that the nursing care of patients with renal failure should pay attention to the following:
General care for patients with renal failure, because of the failure of patients with renal failure to give high calorie, high vitamin, high quality low protein diet, can be adjusted according to renal function protein intake. And if it is accompanied by high blood pressure, should be limited to the intake of sodium; if dialysis treatment has been carried out, it should be high quality protein diet.
The renal failure patients with careful observation, close observation and measurement of body weight, blood pressure, daily record and content, in vivo fluid retention, if abnormal, should timely inform the doctor, take timely measures.
Kidney failure patients care what? If the renal failure patients have vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms, it is necessary to pay attention to the prevention of water, electrolyte disorders, the occurrence of symptoms should promptly notify the physician. Breath odor of ammonia, with the incidence of stomatitis, oral care should be strengthened
Renal failure is a disease in which some or all of the renal functions are caused by many kidney diseases. Patients do not timely treatment will produce uremia and other serious diseases, so far to no mind to the diagnosis and treatment of patients, so we should appeal to suffering from kidney failure friends make your life to light the sparks of fire, with some hope.
In the end how to treat renal failure? I hope that through the following introduction, you have some help, better get rid of kidney trouble.
For the treatment of renal failure, experts pointed out that there is no effective treatment, only a number of hemodialysis or some Chinese and Western medicine treatment. For western medicine treatment, the effect is good, and you can see the effect in a short time but palliatives, can only help the symptomatic treatment of renal failure in patients with simple, while the Chinese have a fundamental role, therefore, if using traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment of renal failure has obvious advantages.
According to the duration of renal failure, chronic renal failure and acute renal failure, the treatment of chronic renal failure, according to the different causes, to develop a certain treatment plan for treatment. Early can from the diet and mental recuperation, allowing patients to return to normal physical and mental. For acute renal failure, take positive measures for treatment. Until renal function returned to normal.
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