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An effective method to prevent renal failure!

2016-12-29 17:16
The kidney is a gentle killer, there is a problem will also carry their own, wait to carry when not moving, will appear the urea nitrogen and creatinine and uric acid increased and so on, so what is the view of the Chinese medicine kidney failure, kidney disease experts come please answer.
An effective way to prevent kidney failure, the kidney is like a "dumb" organ, because it does not cough like the lungs, and the intestines and stomach ache. But the work of the kidney is not "easy", it is not all the time to purify the blood, the formation of urine, discharge of waste work. As for the renal failure of the disease, why patients with renal failure is always high, and the number of patients showed an upward trend year by year?
Prevention of renal failure is an effective way, I believe that through the following introduction, you will have a certain understanding.
Prevention of renal failure an active treatment of various primary diseases:
For patients with diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia, should actively treat the primary disease, blood sugar, blood pressure and blood lipid control in the standard range. When a cold and other symptoms, should be timely treatment.
Prevention of renal failure two to maintain a healthy lifestyle:
Good habits are the best way to prevent disease, people should quit smoking, weight loss, weight control, daily urine volume maintained at 1500-2000 ml. Daily diet should limit the intake of salt, for patients with edema, hypertension, daily salt intake should be maintained at 3-4 G.
Prevention of renal failure three regular physical examination:
For the kidney, at least once a year to check, inspection items should include routine urine, renal function, renal B ultrasound.
Prevention of renal failure four attaches great importance to the kidney signal":
When there is edema, dysuria, pain, anemia, hypertension, fatigue, anorexia, nausea, vomiting, skin itching, dizziness, headache, should cause the attention of people, should be timely to the hospital for diagnosis, to achieve early discovery, early treatment.
Above is to prevent some of the methods of renal failure, as long as the above points, I believe that to avoid renal failure is not a problem, killing kidney failure is not a problem, you know it.
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