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Beware of pregnant women suffering from acute renal failure

2016-12-31 10:59

Every woman will get married and have children, then this process, a little attention, you will suffer from kidney failure, in the end is what steps out of the question, please help us to solve the kidney disease experts.
In recent years due to the prenatal promptly to the hospital to check the body, the living level and health status of pregnant women continue to improve, and carry out perinatal care, the incidence of infectious abortion is less and less, the incidence of the disease also began to decline.
However, some of the causes of maternal death are acute renal failure. In the first 3 months of pregnancy and at the end of the 3 month morbidity, generally 10 - 12 weeks of pregnancy, late 34 to 40 weeks, as the prevalence peak because of abortion, pregnancy induced hypertension, preeclampsia, eclampsia caused by. Some because of placental abruption, amniotic fluid embolism, bleeding caused.
During the period of pregnancy edema, hypertension and proteinuria, three is a dangerous signal, all three is more dangerous. Once edema, high blood pressure and urine protein increased, and then appeared oliguria, renal dysfunction, acidosis, indicating the formation of acute renal failure. In addition to drug treatment, artificial kidney dialysis must be performed to save the patient's life. If the urine volume continues to decrease, the prognosis is very poor.
What diet rules are there for renal failure?
Renal failure diet should pay attention to protein intake, water intake, salt intake, calorie intake, potassium uptake, etc.. Scientific and rational diet is essential for patients with kidney disease.
Patients with renal failure, need to limit intake of protein, in order to reduce the burden on the kidney, but if you eat less, the consumption of muscle and visceral organs of the body, so must have the right and sufficient "quantity" and "quality" of the protein content should be 1 kg per day to 1.2 grams, intake of animal protein take food, quality and physiological high value such as: milk, eggs, meat.
When kidney failure and reduce urination, water will accumulate in the body, the cardiovascular system load increases, there will be no vitality, body weight gain, edema, cough, shortness of breath, lie down and hematocrit (Hct) decreased, and the complications of hypertension, heart failure, pericardial inflammation, and dialysis due to dehydration, too much, prone to headache, vomiting, muscle cramps, nausea and other imbalance syndrome.
Unable to discharge water, salt
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