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Diet tips for patients with renal failure

2016-12-29 09:04
Renal failure in patients with friends, daily habits caused by improper diet caused by improper renal failure, renal failure, then the treatment of renal failure have a trick? Please give a kidney specialist patient friends about some diet tips.
For patients with kidney failure during clinical treatment and rehabilitation recuperation, need to follow the nephropathy diet: five low and one high. Among them, patients with renal failure to limit salt requirements will be more stringent, usually need to carry out low salt and salt free diet. In principle, the daily diet of patients with renal failure in the salt content of up to 2--3 grams, in order to prevent aggravating the burden of kidney and edema. Some patients with kidney failure in no salt or low salt diet, because food tasteless and insipid resulting in decreased appetite, affect the absorption of nutrients. In fact, the use of clever cooking methods can improve the taste of food, increase appetite -
1, add sugar and vinegar cooking, you can put salt or salt.
For example, put some sugar, brown sugar in the porridge, cooking with sweet and sour juice, tomato sauce, sesame sauce, made of sweet and sour taste, such as Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs, sweet and sour fish, sour cabbage, shredded potato etc.. Chinese Yam in Hot Toffee, candied sweet potato, Apple in Hot Toffee etc.;
2, the use of vegetables, the taste of their own
Spicy sweet and sour vegetables can stimulate the taste buds, increase appetite, such as fried tomatoes, egg, tomato and cauliflower, persimmon pepper, steamed eggplant fried shredded meat. Can also make use of mushrooms, small shrimp, seaweed, coriander itself natural flavor or as some food additives to improve the flavor of food.
Eat every day to eat, how to eat, can not eat, is also a problem ah, the kidney specialist diet tips, there is no understanding of it, in fact, although these eating light point, but also to good health.
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